77 Wall painting ideas for the nursery

77 Wall painting ideas for the nursery

When it comes to wall painting ideas, these subtle shades will grow with your child. We have selected only the best tips and tricks for you so that you can transform the children's class into a magical fairy tale. Read on and decide for yourself.

Wall painting ideas: Strong Wet Blue 2063-20

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-exceptional decision

Baby blue takes about two years, if any. So choose a navy blue that is not too dark. With white trim, it's bright and full of energy - just the opposite of what you think about what a marine room looks like. When the child grows up, swap the double bed for a mahogany four-poster bed and also add forest-green tones.

The dark hue makes the white walls appear lighter.

Wall painting ideas: spring purple 1388

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-cool-decision

When the princess's dolls and the finger paintings are gone, this particular shade of lavender can look very sophisticated as one of many wall pranking ideas. It is a true light purple, with no hint of blue or gray.

The beguiling purple shades promote the creativity of your child.

Lemon lemon 74

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-beautiful-decision

This yellow color pulsates with energy. Mixed with white, pastels and dot patterns, it radiates youth. She will gracefully host the beautiful English furniture.

A sunny yellow subtly stimulates this homework corner.

Atrium White 79

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-flashy-decision

A child might think that this is a pink room, but the walls are actually white, with a pink sheen. They are designed with an eggshell finish and reflect the pink carpet and the pink fabrics. But in the future you could just change the carpet and accessories to achieve a completely different look. This gives your child more flexibility in the room to grow

The warm cream shifts the focus to beautiful accent pieces.

Northern flair 1676

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-creative decision

It's funny how children feel attracted to color. If you want Little Blue, choose a saturated blue with a bit of sky and smoke in it, so it has a certain sophistication. Then choose furniture that the child will love - a Moroccan rug, African textiles in brown and white, a Lucite desk chair.

This more muted blue gives the room a relaxed atmosphere.

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Wall painting ideas-for-children-otto

Wall painting ideas-for-children-logo

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Here are some wonderful videos on the topic:

Beautiful children's room in green

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking design

Nursery in blue nuances with a simple design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking interiors

Living room ideas for children's rooms with little space - wardrobe in green

Wall painting ideas-for-kids-on exceptional design

Living ideas for children's rooms in small rooms

Wall painting ideas-for-kids-on exceptional interiors

Typical of teenage rooms - robotic posters are everywhere

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-cool design

 Purple and white are a good team

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-cool interiors

Floral pattern on the wall

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking atmosphere

Purple stroking in the nursery

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking equipment

Combination of two colors - green and blue

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking broadcasting

The Snoopy world in the nursery

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking Deco

Wall colors ideas for nursery in beautiful fresh red tones

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-flashy decoration

Wall colors ideas for kids room in blue is suitable for boy and girl

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-flashy-device

Wall colors ideas for nursery in blue shades

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-flashy-decision

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-flashy design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-exceptional equipment

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-exceptional broadcasting

Wall painting ideas: motorcycle as a wall decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-exceptional decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-exceptional decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-exceptional design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-Cool equipment

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-cool-broadcasting

Successfully combine blue and white in the nursery

Wall painting ideas-for-kids-a-cool-Deko

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-cool decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-cool-decision

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-cool-design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-creative atmosphere

Wall painting ideas: Purple-white decoration with foliage

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-creative broadcasting

Wall painting Ideas-for-children-A-creative decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-creative decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-creative decision

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-modern equipment

Wall painting ideas: vintage decor in green

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-modern broadcasting

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-modern-decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-modern-decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-modern-decision

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-modern-design

Wall painting ideas: football as a decorative motif in the boys room

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-super equipment

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-super-radiance

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-super-Deko

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-super-decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-super-decision

Wall painting ideas: White furniture for the nursery

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-super-design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-great equipment

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-great-charisma

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-great-Deko

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-great-decoration

Wall painting ideas: flags as a decoration in the nursery

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-great-decision

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-great-design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-stunning equipment

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-startling broadcast

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-startling Deco

Wall painting ideas: combination of yellow, blue and white

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-startling Decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-startling decision

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-striking design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-beautiful-equipment

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-beautiful-broadcasting

Wall painting ideas: putting blue and white accents

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-beautiful-decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-beautiful-decoration

Wall painting ideas-for-children-a-beautiful-design

Wall painting ideas-for-kids-on creative design

Wall painting ideas-for-kids-on-modern design

Wall painting ideas: combine blue with light wood

Wall painting ideas-for-kids-on-modern interiors

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-super-Design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-super-Interior

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-great-Design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-great interiors

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-intriguing design

Wall painting ideas: fairytale motifs in the blue room

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-astonishing interior

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-beautiful design

Wall painting ideas-for-children-A-beautiful-interior

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