Set up the apartment after Feng Shui - 26 creative ideas

Set up the apartment after Feng Shui – 26 creative ideas

Feng Shui is a harmony from China. Since goal is the harmonization of humans with its environment. This environment is to be achieved by a special design of living and living spaces. The whole idea is that if the apartment is equipped in a certain way, it will have a positive effect on our well-being.

in the Feng Shui are five elements of great importance. These are: water, earth, metal, fire and wood. If you tune the furniture and the accessories on it, the positive effect increases.


Wood stands for the color green. Wooden furniture, cotton, bamboo, houseplants and cut flowers are paying for this element.


Glass and silk, indoor fountains, aquariums, wet plants are, according to Feng Shui, elements of water.


Now come the red and orange color schemes. Candles, lights, fireplace - everything connected with fire. Lace and edgy shapes for the furniture are suitable here.


The element of the earth fits flat forms as well as yellow and brown. All natural materials are suitable: ceramic, stone, porcelain.


Glass, crystals and any metals stand for this element. White, silver and gold are the three colors that make up the color scheme.

Here we show you pictures of apartments that are after Feng Shui are set up. Get inspirational ideas!

Now come up with more suggestions for furnishings Feng Shui. Enjoy it!

Set up the study after Feng Shui

Setting arbeitszimmer-to-feng shui

Feng Shui in the bathroom - positive effect on life

ready to feng-shui-bathroom-

Even the living room could be designed according to Feng Shui

the-living-set after-feng shui

Not only full of positive energy, but also nice looking

-Living room-to-feng-shui-designed elegant

The plants are a wooden element

Setting dining room-by-feng shui

Candles in water is one of the most popular decoration items with Feng Shui energy

feng shui decoration-candles-in-water

Do not forget to bring green plants into the room


The green color is again a wooden element


Candles over the green plant - just awesome!

feng shui apartment paintings, candles and glass table

feng shui living room

feng shui bedroom equip

shui-bedroom make-feng

Modern luxury home bedroom.



idee-for-feng-shui-device-in-living room

small-feng shui living room

luxury feng shui bathroom


natural-colored-decorated in-living room-to-feng shui

red-accents-is addressed in-living room-to-feng shui


white-bedding set up in the bedroom after-Feng Shui

white-living room-by-feng-shui-set

living room-feng shui design

living room-to-feng shui design-glass wallsWe hope to have inspired you. That was just a small part of the idea world of Feng Shui.

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