Poncho knit - 60 wonderful models for inspiration

Poncho knit – 60 wonderful models for inspiration

Do you want to learn to knit poncho? Read on for tips and tricks and enjoy 60 beautiful models.

Poncho knit for a casual outfit

a girl with a red blouse and jeans - an example of how to knit poncho

The ponchos are perfect for all seasons! While in winter these clothes give an extra layer of warmth, the ponchos in autumn and spring serve as a light blanket for the upper body. For the summer, there are models that are airy and wide. Knit a poncho for yourself, for your family or friends. You can borrow our examples.

For every season knit a poncho

a heavy poncho knit out of brown thread, presented by a model

The poncho is a simple and attractive outfit for all occasions. Here are a few beautiful models that can be worn everyday as well as at a party. As I said, the poncho is a suitable clothing not only in winter, but also in summer. If you want to knit such a universal piece, just choose knitting patterns and start. Everything is easy if you follow the instructions.

Knitting poncho is easy and fun

an orange poncho knit with black geometric motifs and fringes

Poncho is also part of the children's wardrobe. The little ones, who are active, sometimes can not stand a long dressing. Especially for the babies, ponchos are very convenient because the garment can be put on in a few minutes. Besides, it is not in the way of the diaper. If you have such a cute princess at home, you can knit such a delightful poncho for her.

Sweet girl with a sweet poncho

a cute little girl with white poncho as you knit for baby poncho

For your poncho choose cuddly threads, because the poncho must be fluffy. Not all materials are suitable for this project. Note that the poncho should give a certain softness. In fact, before turning into a fashion accessory, the poncho served as a kind of umbrella. Therefore, you can also sew a waterproof underlayer.

An exclusive, red poncho

Little Red Riding Hood poncho knit for a young girl with modern jeans

Be equally elegant with a poncho. Here we present a free knitting pattern for poncho, with which you could easily knit such a garment yourself.

You need:

  1. Yarn - 7-8 balls
  2. 8 cm needle

What is being done

  1. Row, right stitch, left stitch for two stitches, right stitch
  2. Row, left stitch, right stitch for two stitches, right stitch
  3. Row - right stitch to the end
  4. Row - right stitch, left stitch, two left stitch, right stitch

Repeat third and fourth row until the length is enough. Finish on the wrong side.

Another tutorial in this video

A lot of ideas for knitted ponchos

knit a gray poncho with pattern on edges combined with jeans

You will now learn some fashion tips that you can use to combine a knitted poncho.

  1. Jeans and white blouse - perfect outfit for spring and autumn, casual attire combined with poncho, creates a modern and fancy look.
  2. Dress - yes, this is suitable for the summer season, when the evenings are a bit cool.
  3. Skirt and blouse - the poncho serves as a beautiful and natural complement to this outfit.

Poncho with blouse and jeans

Poncho knit in gray color, a blonde model in the garden on the path

Skirt, a blouse and a blue poncho 

Crochet a blue poncho like a dress look on a black blouse and yellow skirt

For the models you want to knit, the sky is the limit. Other free knitting patterns for poncho you will discover on DROPs.

A model poncho with a hood

a gray poncho knit black pants with a hood and many fringes

A pleasant color of poncho

Green-blue poncho knit with pattern like triangles on one edge

Enjoy our other examples

pink poncho ladies knit with flower motifs in red, a cute girl

a red poncho with buttons decoration and fringes - poncho ladies knitwear

black and beige poncho a blonde girl wears it - poncho ladies knitwear

Poncho for children - same clothes from the little princess and her doll

the doll is dressed the same way as the little girl - poncho ladies knitwear

Bochem Schick Poncho

brown poncho with white fringes and a chain with feathers - poncho ladies knitwear

Poncho model for men

Poncho for men in brown color with so many holes - crochet poncho with collar

Fancy poncho models

Poncho ladies knit in four colors with different patterns so chic

a gray poncho on a white blouse and a black pants - poncho ladies knit

a gray poncho the girl is wearing on the beach with a white bag - poncho ladies knit

a green poncho made of high quality threads knitted on white blouse and jeans

Choose only high quality materials for your projects!

a girl with long brown hair and poncho in beige color and a scarf - crochet poncho

a black poncho with many shiny buttons and modern jeans - crochet poncho

a red poncho with black jeans made of high quality threads - crochet poncho

a wine red poncho on a gray blouse and jeans - a crochet poncho

knit a white poncho with gray blouse and combine jeans - crochet poncho

The knitted poncho is now trendy 

crochet blue poncho with an interesting knit pattern on striped blouse and jeans

crochet black poncho with big buttons on a blue blouse poncho

an indian look with a brown poncho and indian necklace, brown bag - crochet poncho

Crochet a gray poncho with brown and black stripes A red-haired girl wears it

Achieve a tantalizing look with poncho!

crocheting a long gray poncho - a girl in a park with a crocheted hat

Crochet a green poncho for the winter for beautiful brown-haired girl with earrings

crochet purple poncho with small buttons in white color, gray pants, a girl with blond strands

crochet white blouse and modern jeans and sandals under orange poncho

A few nice models!

Peaches colors of a poncho on a colorful dress and black tights

crochet a white poncho with plaited motifs and orange pants

crochet a white poncho with beautiful white motifs and embellished by necklace

Poncho crochet in blue color with stripes of different colors on blue dress

What color do you want for your poncho?

Knitting instructions free Poncho - blue poncho for the cold months

a colorful poncho with different designs - knitting instructions for free poncho

brown poncho with wide-knit knitwear - Schtrickanleitung free poncho

a gray poncho with fringe wears a beautiful girl - knitting instructions free poncho

The gray poncho - the king of the ponchos

a gray poncho with white stripes combined with shoes and jeans

A gray poncho with fringed bracelets, necklace and watch as accessories - Poncho knit easily

Poncho in black and white, looks like a dress - Poncho just crochet

gray poncho with exclusive design blonde girl with sunglasses - poncho crochet easy

Learning to knit is not as complicated as it sounds

pink poncho for a cute girl with pink blouse poncho just crochet

a woman who likes to knit ponchos and her poncho works simply knit

a blue poncho on waves combined with jeans knitting instructions free poncho

a colorful poncho from a curly brown haired girl - crochet poncho

Welcome to the world of fashion!

a brown hooded poncho an outfit with a short leather skirt - crochet poncho

Three colors of crochet poncho - the first layer is white, the second brown and the third yellow

a brown poncho in three colors - brown, orange and white on a white dress

Crochet poncho very small in gray poncho - you can wear on the leather jacket

a gray poncho knit with interesting motives a blonde girl carries him

a gray poncho wearing a blond-haired girl in front of an old fence

Poncho and accessories

Crochet poncho in gray color with matching shoes and a modern backpack

a gray poncho with white and black motifs a ripped pants

a gray poncho with braided motifs interesting shape - crochet poncho

Crochet poncho in black color with hood underneath a white dress

Have fun knitting your own poncho!

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