Tinker with origami paper: the best origami folding instructions

Tinker with origami paper: the best origami folding instructions

The word origami (ori - fold and kami, which will come later gami has developed - paper) refers to the folding of paper and is mostly associated with Japan and Japanese culture. Nowadays, that's the word origami a generic term for any type of folding technique, regardless of culture and origin. The goal is to make a sculpture out of square sheets of paper using different folding techniques. The Origami Paper can be found in different colors, prints or patterns. Cutting, gluing and marking on paper are usually excluded from origami crafting. It is believed that the origami tradition has existed in Japan since the 6th century. Because of the high prices of the paper origami was used at that time only for religious or ceremonial purposes.

The small number of basic folding techniques can be combined in various variations, resulting in complicated models thereof. The most famous origami figure in Japanese culture is the crane. Traditionally, it is believed that when one thousand piping cranes fold, another's wish will come true. Thus, the origami crane has got the meaning of hope and healing in difficult moments. The Japanese crane is a mystical animal and it is believed to live for a thousand years, so it is also a symbol of longevity and luck. He will Glücksvogel and earlier it was believed that its wings carry human souls high to paradise. Later, a break in tradition began and the Japanese Akira Yoshizawa created new models. He chews the folding techniques in systematic folding instructions with simple drawings. Thus, the origami tradition gained popularity outside Japan. Today there is a variety of origami models. The most famous are the frog, the peacock, the butterfly, the turtle, the elephant. Flowers and stars are also made.

To create an origami model, you need origami paper and some aid. Origami Paper can be found in different sizes - from 2.5 cm to 25 cm or more. It can be colored either only from one of the sides, or from both sides, which offers different variations of origami figures. This type of paper is thinner than plain printing paper, which makes it easier to fold.
It is customary to put up origami flat, level surface folds, as it is easier. But there are other techniques in which you fold the characters in the air. However, some could additional instruments help, especially when making more complex figures. With a bonefolder for example, you can easily bend sharp folds, paperclip help with attachment, and one tweezers Can help with wrinkles. If you make more complex models from sample paper, is one ruler very helpful in folding by using it for embossing. Finished models can injected so they can keep their shape better.

Today we have prepared a lot of pictures and videos that show how to fold origami and how the finished figures look down to the smallest detail.

monochrome origami paper

origami paper-stars-of-paper strips folding technique-paper origami figurines

Sample paper for origami

1lila-origami paper origami folding instructions-paper pattern plants with--

multicolored paper for origami figures

1origami-paper origami-folding instruction folding technique-paper origami-crane

Origami crane from pattern paper

1origami-paper origami-crane-crane origami origami-crane-significant-folding technique-paper

Paper crane for luck and longevity

1origami-paper-folding technique-paper-crane-fold origami-crane

1000 cranes to fulfill your wishes

origami paper-1000kraniche-of-handicraft paper-wish fulfillment Colorful origami paper

Faltanleitung: Crane

origami crane-kranich wrinkle origami-foldingmanuals-origami-folding instruction-origami crane-significant

The video shows how to fold an origami crane step by step.

Fold crane out of paper

The following videos show how to fold different animals from craft paper:

Butterflies made of monochrome paper

Make elephants out of bicoloured paper

It's easy for the kids too

jumping frogs

Banknotes are today a simple idea for wedding gifts:

origami-collage-origami-bar origami-panda-folding technique paper origami-folding instruction

origami wrinkle-diy origami-folding instruction-origami-foldingmanuals-origami-dog

origami wrinkle origami-folding instruction origami-folding technique folding technique paper-

origami penguin folding instructions origami-folding technique-paper origami-foldingmanuals

penguin origami folding technique-paper origami figurines origami-folding instruction

origami giraffe-easy-folding instruction-best-folding instruction folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

origami-animals-origami-craft-origami-folding instructions origami figurines origami-foldingmanuals

origami cat origami figurines folding technique-paper origami-foldingmanuals

origami figures origami-hahn-folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

origami paper folding technique-paper origami figurines origami-folding instruction

origami paper origami crane-kranich wrinkle origami figures origami-fold instructions

Gift box made of origami paper

diyorigami folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction-origamimitmusterpapier

origami figures origami-diy origami gift box origami-with-paper pattern

origami folding instructions origami-foldingmanuals-origami-heart-origami-craft-origami-yourself wrinkle

origami figures origami-folding instruction folding technique origami origami-foldingmanuals

the simple solution

origami-fold origami-teepackchen-fatentechnik-craft paper origami-folding instructions origami-fold origami-

origami paper origami figurines origami collage folding technique origami folding technique-paper

origami paper origami figurines origami-folding instruction folding technique-paper origami-meaning

folding technique-geldscheine-origami-folding instruction-folding techniques-paper origami figurines

origami-heart-pink origami heart-folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

2origami-heart-pink origami heart-folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

3origami-heart-pink origami heart-folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

origami wrinkle origami-folding instruction-origami-folding technique foldingmanuals-paper

origami rose origami flower-folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

origami star origami flowers origami figures-falttechnikpapier-origamifaltanleitung

origami tulip origami pink paper origami figurines origami-folding instruction folding technique-paper

Decoration with paper stars

origami star colorful origami paper origami figures-falttechnikpapier-origamifaltanleitung

origamimitmusterpapierbasteln origami fold-falttechnikpapier-origami-foldingmanuals

origami-christmas-origami-santa-origami figures origami-foldingmanuals

origami figures origami-fold origami-craft origami origami

origami paper origami figurines origami-folding instruction folding technique-paper

Decorate with origami figures

wedding need origami figurines-origami crane origami-folding instruction

origami folding origami figures-origamifaltanleitung-origamifaltanleitungen-falttechnikpapier

origami wedding origami figures-falttechnikorigami-falttechnikpapier-origamifaltanleitung

origami crane-crane-folding origami figures-origamifaltanleitung

origamideko-origami-kraniche origami figurines folding technique-paper origami-folding instruction

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