If you are from the people who are always looking forward to gifts, you probably also like it when you make a gift to somebody yourself. If that's the case then it's not hard to guess that you may want to wrap up the presents yourself. In this way, you not only give your friends great pleasure, but fascinate them with something home-made. And who does not respect respect for a person who has invested effort and time to make him happy? If you are such a person who makes others happy with original, creatively packaged gifts, then you will find our suggestions on the topic "To wrap gifts"  certainly find interesting.

Whenever you pack gifts, make sure that the packaging matches the gift. A cool, interesting and provocative gift can not be given without a packaging that is so cool, interesting and provocative. Otherwise the surprise effect is missing. The person to whom you give something should fall in love with the first look in the gift box and impatiently develop different ideas in his head, which is exactly in the promising packaging.

Gift wrapping - Kimono packaging

Packaging gifts does not just mean packing them up. Each gift deserves a pretty ornament. The ideas to decorate a gift are incredible. Everything depends on the taste of the recipient. Finally, of your own taste. Because it is impossible to leave no trace of your personality.

Almost all materials are suitable for decorating gifts: yarn, twigs, tree leaves, flowers, green plants, bows and pearls, pieces of fabric, wooden staples, lace, napkins, feathers, glitter sprays in various colors and even rice paper. The decoration plays a big role in what an impression the gift leaves. You can decorate a gift to arouse certain associations. For example, animal and monster packaging is particularly appealing to children and creates excitement in them. For people with a very fine taste, elegant and discreet packaging is a must. For teenagers such packaging and decorations are appropriate, which correspond to their character. Take a look at the next tutorial, which provides detailed step-by-step descriptions. Accompanied by pictures, it represents an idea for teenage gift wrapping.

Pack Gifts - Dandelion Wrap

Gift wrapping, brown paper, gray cloth with white dots, branches


  • 1 piece of simple wrapping paper
  • 1 small piece of fabric
  • yarn
  • 1 branch
  • 1 chain ring
  • 1 small piece of cardboard
  • textile adhesive
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • scissors

Puff Flower Gift - Instructions

Wrapping gifts, cutting gift paper with scissors, wooden table

  • Judge the size of the gift by eye and possibly cut off a smaller piece from the wrapping paper.
  • Wrap the present with it. For fixing double-sided adhesive tape is recommended (see picture below).

Double-sided adhesive tape for fastening

Gifts wrap instructions, paper, double-sided tape, tape

So it should look like after pasting together

Gift wrapping, gift wrapping made of plain brown paper

  • Place the small piece of fabric in the center of the gift and glue its ends together with glue.
  • Take a little bit of yarn and thread the chainring in it. Wrap the yarn with the chain ring a few times around the wrapped gift and tie the two ends together.

A drop of Texil glue

Make dandelion from yarn and twigs, liquid textile glue, gift

  • Then take a little yarn. Take the beginning of the piece of yarn under the small and the ring finger and hold it with it. Wrap tightly around the middle and index fingers a few times to make a small ball of twine.
  • The resulting ball of wrinkles from the fingers run down. Wrap the starting thread, which was printed under the small and the ring finger, once around the ball and tie the two ends together.
  • Use the pair of scissors to cut off the ends of the balls to make a small yarn ball as shown in the picture above.

Your DIY gift wrap is ready!

DIY gift wrap made of brown paper and fabric, dandelions decoration

  • Drop a drop of liquid glue in the middle and glue the yarn ball to the twig. Pull the branch through the thread with the chain ring. Now the DIY gift wrap is ready!

Pack gift as a shirt

You may have never noticed that you can find such a simple, but also unique packaging for a cupcake.

Cupcake in mason jar - an original and time-saving packaging idea!

Cupcake with cast and chocolate sprinkles in a mason jar, wall covering

Bottles are always a little harder to pack. From time to time there are special occasions for which one usually gives alcohol. For example, at weddings, at Christmas or when you meet the family of the love partner. So that the gift does not look impersonal, a nice packaging is recommended. In addition, it is still a promise for the quality of the contents of the bottle. The next video is a wonderful-packing-tutorial:

Pack the wine bottle

Decorate gifts with flower bow: Instructions

two wrapped presents, decorated with white flowers and lace

For the loop you need as accessories:

  • white rice paper
  • thread
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1:

  • Cut a piece of white rice paper to a desired size.

pink-black scissors, craft scissors round, cut white rice paper

Step 2:

  • Cut out the edges of the paper oval.

white paper, rice paper with oval edges, small bits of paper

Step 3:

  • Fold the rice paper into a harmonica and tie a thread in the middle.

two pieces of baking paper, tied with a thread in the middle

Step 4:

  • Unfold the paper to form a flower.

make a white flower out of baking paper, brown background, black corner


white flower of slightly transparent paper, tied with a thread

Check out our other suggestions and create real artwork for your favorite people!

Pack round gifts

Pack children's gifts - original ideas

original ideas for gift wrapping for children, tiger, shirt with check pattern

Gift for a child with light pink paper with white letters, bunny made of cardboard

Pack the voucher

Gift coupon for birthday, coupon packaging, birthday card

Creative and super fast - all you need is top quality napkins and a bow 

Wrap coupons in white lace napkins and tie with a bow

Pack coupons with plain plain paper and decorate with gold pen and label

Gift certificate, light and dark brown wrapping paper, golden letters

Another creative idea, how to pack a bottle as a gift

To wrap up a Christmas present

Package Christmas gift and decorate with a green ribbon with red star

Cool packaging for kids gifts

beautiful children gift wrappings in the form of different animals

two little rabbits in white fabric with print, wooden heads with painted whiskers

Photo Collage, Kid Gifts Pack, Bunny Wrap, Owl Wrap

Gift wrapping by name, colorful tapes, decorate with colored adhesive strips

Unique jewelry packaging

Jewelery packaging, gold ring, wood, wooden box for jewelry, jewelery box


Pyramid gift wrap for earrings in dark blue with a silver bow


<jewelry gift wrap, polychrome carton boxes, pyramid, square, polygon

black wrapping paper with beautiful ornaments of twigs and glitter


Elegant gift wrap in black color, feather decoration, Christmas ball

To wrap up Christmas presents

bute Christmas wrappings with decorations for family gifts

Wrap gifts in colorful paper and decorate with yarn, twigs and bows

Gifts package ideas, gift wrap with old shirt, christmas decoration

Family gifts for Christmas, decorated with Christmas tree balls

Gifts package ideas, colorful wrapping paper with flowers, pink ribbon

Pack gifts in newspaper and decorate with dyed feathers

Hummingbird packaging, hummingbird made of cardboard, gift decoration with branches

Pack wedding presents

small wedding gifts for guests with deco of plastic heart and lace ribbon

Wedding gifts for guests 

Wedding gift for guests, yellow beads, cloth napkin, porcelain utensils

Photo collage with different ideas for packaging for wedding gifts

a square box, packed in white lace and decorated with a gift bow

Funny packaging

Pineapple, watermelon, lemon, kiwi wrap for sweet children

Qadrat box, decorated with blue gift ribbon, glossy paper in two colors

Gifts colorful packaging, gold paper, small Christmas tree balls

Gift wrap with blue glitter in the shape of a diamond

So easy! 

Give cooking utensils, red glove, wooden spoon, biscuits, marble table

small gift, wrapped in paper with music notes, bell decoration

DIY gift box with sweets, wine, flowers and a birthday card

colorful wrapping paper in pastel colors, floral motifs, little pretty ribbon