A bottle of wine is the perfect gift for any occasion. We have collected 10 creative ideas for you how to pack and decorate wine bottles. Turn your present into a true work of art that will be remembered forever. You have already made the right choice, namely to give away wine. Now you just need a bit of imagination and patience to increase the anticipation of the beautiful gift. Take a look at our suggestions, they will certainly please you.

 # 1 Packing Wine Bottles: Pineapple Wine Bottle    

Pack bottles of wine, decorate bottle with pineapple, decorate with pralines

For this you need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • a wine bottle
  • scissors
  • a pack of Ferrero Rocher
  • green construction paper
  • a piece of gift ribbon
  1. Each praline is attached to the bottle using the hot glue gun. Start from the bottom of the bottle. It is important that there are no gaps. Make sure that the rows are exact. Optionally, you can first cut off the brown paper on all chocolates.
  2. Draw a leaf shape on the green paper and cut out ten equal sized leaves. Then glue the leaves around the neck of the bottle. For a natural effect, you can roll up the tops of the leaves
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the neck of the bottle and make a nice bow. You can wrap the pineapple in foil at will. Your present is now finished and certainly magnificent. With a pineapple wine bottle, you will give your loved one a really great pleasure.

Decorate # 2 wine box with napkin technique

wine bottle packaging, wine box, napkin technique, floral pattern, diy idea

What do you need for this:

  • wooden box
  • Napkins with the desired motif
  • scissors
  • Decoupagekleber
  • Soft brush
  • bright acrylic color
  1. Prime the substrate with light and matt acrylic paint.
  2. Let the paint dry well.
  3. Remove the top layer from the napkin. It is not necessary that you use the whole top layer. You can only cut out a few motifs.
  4. Apply the napkin adhesive to the substrate and let it dry for a short time.
  5. Place the napkin motif on the adhesive-coated backing by working from the inside out.
  6. Brush the napkin again with the decoupage glue. After the glue has dried well, your wine box is ready.

# 3 bottle gnomes

packaging wine bottles, decorating bottles, creative gift idea

For this you need:

  • Felt
  • felt-tip pen
  • Adhesive / double-sided adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • wadding
  • wooden ball
  1. Use the felt tip pen to draw a circle on the felt and cut it along the line.
  2. Turn the cut piece to make a hat. Fix it with glue and let it dry.
  3. Make the beard out of cotton wool and stick it to the bottle.
  4. Put the cap on the bottle and fix it with glue.
  5. Stick a wooden ball as nose on the cap.

Paint # 4 cloth bag

wine packaging, wine bag self-painting, light and creative, beautiful gift idea

For this you need:

  • liquid textile paint
  • cloth bag
  • 1 cardboard template
  • duct tape
  • thrush
  1. Put a thick cardboard in the bag.
  2. Place the template on the fabric and fix it with the adhesive tape.
  3. Take up the liquid paint with the sponge and dab the stencil.
  4. Let the motif dry well and then repeat the whole process again.
  5. To fix the color, iron the fabric on the back.
  6. Put the wine bottle in the bag and tie with a nice ribbon.

Without a template, you can also paint a motif. You only need a thin brush and paint.

Make # 5 bottle trailers yourself  

make your own bottle, gift idea, decorate and give away wine10 creative ideas on how to pack and decorate wine bottles

If you do not feel like wrapping the wine bottle with paper, the bottle pendant is the best idea for you.

  1. Print a template. Here are many free templates for tags and labels to find.
  2. Cut everything carefully.
  3. Using a ruler, fold the paper.
  4. Round off the corners and decorate the wine bottle. You can also decorate the pendant by hand.

# 6 A scented bag as a decoration

decorating wine bottle, bottle hanger with orange and vanilla, aroma sack

  1. Mix dried flowers and herbs. The varieties are numerous: rose, lavender, rosemary, anise, jasmine and many others.
  2. Fill the finished mixture in a small bag of linen or cotton.
  3. Tie the bag with a gift ribbon, then attach it to the wine bottle.

# 7 Arrange a gift basket yourself

gift basket with two wine bottles, red wine and rose, sweets

Arranging a gift basket yourself is easy. First, choose a specific theme, such as a spa gift basket, delicatessen, couples gift basket, healthy gift basket, culinary gift basket, and more. Decorate the filled basket with a gift ribbon or flower garland.

# 8 Easy and fast

packaging wine, light and fast, idea of ​​a gift, to wrap with fabric

# 9 Colorful wine bottle

wine packaging, gift idea, give away wine bottle, pack with fabric

# 10 Pack the wine bottle with fabric

wine packaging with fabric, gift idea, light and fast, give away wine

The perfect Christmas present

bottle charm, christmas present, decorate wine bottle

decorating wine bottle, gift idea, giving away wine, creative

Packaging wine bottles: nice and easy

packaging wine bottles with fabric, purple ribbons, decorating and giving away wine

Wine bottle in a suit

give away wine, bottle suit, red bow tie, red wine, decorate bottle

A creative idea

wine bottle in shoe, gift for 21 birthday, creative, give away wine

Packaging wine bottles: a step-by-step guide

pack wine bottle, step by step instructions, give away red wine

bottles with fabric packaging, light and creative, diy idea, wine give away

wine bottle with fabric packaging, striped, red, with little baize, gift idea for every occasion

bottles clothes

decorating wine bottles, knitting, christmas sweater, diy idea, christmas gift

packaging wine bottle, thankful, wrapping and giving away wine, gift idea, flower combination

bottle tag, decorate and give wine, diy idea, do it yourself

Make bottle trailer yourself

make your own bottle tinker, give away a cheek bottle, personalized gift

bottle tag with notes, wine decorating and giving away, diy idea

make funny bottle hangers yourself, give away wine, creative idea

A nice gift for Valentine's Day

bottle charm, gift for valentine's day, romantic surprise, give away wine

wrap wine bottle, heart motif, baendchen, romantic gift idea, red wine give away

Decoupage on a wine box

wine box, napkin technique, make your own, creative gift idea, give away wine

decorating wine box, renting technique, floral motifs, giving away wine, gift idea

Wine bottles with fabric packaging, floral design, gift idea, beautiful and light

bottles with fabric packaging, gift idea, white and gray, baendchen, leicht

bottles of wine with fabric packaging, packaging in purple and orange, bottle hangers and ribbons

Wine bottle with fabric packaging, Christmas present, reindeer and Christmas tree, giving away wine

wrap wine bottle with fabric, christmas present, give away wine

Bottom up!

packaging wine bottles, decorating and giving away golden ribbons, cheers, wine bottles

wine bag with fabric packaging, bottle hangers, happy delivered, gift idea

give away wine, bottle hangers and little diapers, gift idea, red wine and rose

Wine bottle in wooden box, Christmas gift, Christmas tree, deco

wine bottles with fabric, white and black, black and golden, gift idea

decorate wine bottle, cork snowman, christmas gift, make yourself

wine bottles with fabric packaging, purple, cream and orange, baendchen, make your own gift

Wine bottles with fabric packaging, colorful and striped, personalized gift, thank you

paper wine bottles, bottle hangers,

packaging wine bottles, wine in paper box with paris motifs, gift