The Christmas parties are already over and everything is getting better again. But there will always be other occasions to celebrate, and most of them are associated with gifts. No matter for what occasion - birthday, Father's Day or wedding, it is always easier for women to find a gift for a woman than for a man. The gift search is basically a pleasantly exciting occupation, but it can sometimes be a real nightmare. We've written today's article to give you some tips for cool men's do-it-yourself gifts that are perfect for your dad, brother, boyfriend or buddy. Saves you the tricky walking around in the gift shop and makes your own original DIY gifts for men!

With a DIY gift you can surprise not only your friend, but also family members and other men in your circle of friends. So you do not just give a gift, but you also show that you have invested your personal time and effort into what is priceless! It's always appreciated by your best friends and next time you might get an even cooler gift from them. In addition, you have the fullest freedom of creativity in the selection of the gift and the crafting process. The best part is that you create something that satisfies both sides - on the one hand, the man you give, on the other, you personally. Because is there anything better than making other people happy with your work? If you do not have any or few men's necklaces, you can collect some from our article.

DIY Gifts for Men - Beer opener for wall


Original DIY gifts for men


DIY gifts for men made of wood

2diy-gifts-for-men-bottle opener diy gifts-from-wood-birthday-man

Step-by-Step Guide


Birthday present for friend

4diy-gifts-for-men-gift ideas-for-friend-holzbrett-bierflaschenoeffner

This is how the gift looks


Mouse pad with two sides

1geschenkideen-for-friend-diy-mouse pad

Step 1: Design the mouse pad using a tailoring template

1geschenkideen-for-friend-mouse pad-do it yourself-

Step 2: Paint one of the pages with different colors

--Friend-mouse pad-color-make-1geschenkideen for itself

Step 3: Make the other side of the pad

2geburtstagsgeschenk-friend-mouse pad-diy decorate with-colored-

Step 4: Last strokes

2geburtstagsgeschenk-friend-mouse pad-yourself-making instructions


2geschenk-for-the-friend-mouse pad-with-two-sides-diy

3geschenk-for-the-friend-diy-mouse pad-with-two-different-designs

Minibar in the glass:
Buy a glass and fill it with miniature bottles and shots - so you have a quick and easy DIY gift


Whiskey Bottle Soap Holder:
All you need is a cool bottle and the right size of soap pump

8diy-gifts-for-men-jack-daniels-whiskey-bottle-soap halter-Softsoap

Small gifts for men - make bracelet yourself

Bardöl - effective care for the whiskers

9diy-gifts-for-men-bart-making oil-yourself-with-ethereal oils-

Below is the recipe

diy gifts-for-men-bartoel-ethereal-oele-base oils-gift-for-the-friend-small-gifts-for-maenner

Just like the hair on the head, the whiskers are to be properly cared for. The beard requires regular shampooing and regular trimming and combing. The oiling is often forgotten. But it's important to know that beard oil offers a variety of benefits to unshaven men. It moisturizes the dry skin, tames the wild hair and smells nice!

To prepare a beard oil for your father, brother, friend, or mate, you need the following:

  • a 30ml glass bottle
  • a small measuring cup or a shot glass
  • a small funnel
  • Base oils - jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil
  • essential oils - tea tree oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon cassia oil and orange oil

The oils are not cheap products, however they last for a long time. The base oils are used as a base for beard oil. Add to that the essential oils. Then you have to mix well and the beard oil is ready! So you have a useful DIY men's gift.

diy gifts-for-men-birthday-friend-bartoel-ethereal-oele-base oils

birthday-for-friend-bartoel-basisoel-coconut oil-bart care Soft-whisker

Beer soap as a gift for the friend

diy gifts-for-men-beer soap-yourself-make-beer-and-lemons

Beer Soap is a super masculine product that blends well with honey, oats, coffee grounds, nuts and sammen for a body scrub

birthday-man-beer soap-yourself-cook-soap-diy-dark-beer-beer crown

gift-yourself-make for-the-friend-guinness beer soap-dark-beer-dark-beer-soap-

If you are wondering about the recipe, you can find the steps here.

Other cool DIY gifts for men are e.g. a photo collage of your favorite bands or series, or homemade dice for which you simply need wooden dice and permanent markers. Painted stones, homemade beer boxes, decorated glass bottles or plant pots with interesting design are also cheap and fast version for a homemade gift.

small gifts-for-men-diy gift ideas-wuerfelspiel-photo collage-music band schluesselkette-beer box-mark dose-for-bleistifter

DIY glasses are a cool gift

Bacon salt

birthday-for-friend-diy-bacon-salt-pepper-yourself-making gift ideas-for-friend

Another super cool and unusual masculine gift to make yourself is the bacon salt.


  • 500 g bacon
  • 1½ tablespoons high quality sea salt
  • 2 tablespoons of ground pepper

The oven must be pre-heated to 180 ° C and the bacon should cook for about 15-20 minutes in a baking tray. The excess fat is removed with kitchen paper. The bacon should cool down a bit and then be minced with the salt and pepper with a blender. The bacon salt must be kept cool after preparation. For a longer product life, a clean and dry spoon should always be used for serving.

A super spice as a gift for men

birthday-for-friend-bacon-salt-in-glass-gift ideas-for-friend-birthday-man

Leather bag for strings: you simply need a piece of leather, a pair of scissors and a button. It's that easy!

small gifts-for-men-leather bag-for-cable and instruments

craft beer tray

gift-for-the-friend-beer tray-of-labels-making

gift ideas-for-friend-beer tray-yourself paste-with-labels-

Gift basket full of surprises

gift-for-the-friend-gift basket-gift box

Most men like spicy food and the next gift will go very well with Chilli lovers!

Homemade olive oil with pepperons

diy gifts-for-men-olivenoel-with-pepper ons

birthday-for-friend-homemade-oil-with-pepper ons


birthday-for-friend-homemade-sharp-pepper oel-ons

 DIY book safe

diy gifts-for-men-book safe-yourself-make-wristwatch-silver banknote-ID card-birthday-man

diy gifts-for-men-small-gifts-for-men-diy-book safe-guide-step-for-step

2kleine-gifts-for-men-book safe-book pages-adhesive-stick

3kleine-gifts-for-cutting-book safe-make-maenner buecherseiten-lineal

birthday-friend-book safe-yourself-making step-by-step

birthday-man book safe-than-diy-gift-for-man-little-gifts-for-maenner

Make a DIY gift out of an old book

birthday gift boyfriend diy-book safe-yourself-making book safe-for-valuables

Things that I love about you

diy-gift-for-the-friend-playing cards-why-love-me-up