Ideas and inspirations on how to make a Christmas gift wrap yourself

Ideas and inspirations on how to make a Christmas gift wrap yourself

Would you like to uniquely and uniquely present the presents for Christmas this year? If you are looking for Christmas gift wrapping to make yourself, then you are in the right place. In this article we have collected many wonderful examples that can inspire you.

The hardest part is to find the perfect gift, but you must remember that a perfect gift also includes the perfect gift box. If you want to delight your family and friends and have memorable gifts, it's not enough to just buy the perfect gifts. You should also consider how to package these gifts. With homemade gift wrapping, you will show your loved ones that they are important to you, so it is a very good idea to make the packs yourself.

To pack the gifts yourself, you must first buy the materials for them. Choose wrapping paper in red, green, gold, silver and more. You can also use baking paper to make the packaging original. For example, combine the same colored but differently patterned wrapping paper with the same color ribbon. Another good idea is to set color accents by choosing a loop that has a different color. For example, you can decorate red wrapping paper with a golden bow or green wrapping paper with a red bow. If you want to pack the gifts in a modern way, you can choose white and black instead of the usual colors.

To decorate the gift wrapping for Christmas, you can use all kinds of craft materials - for example, dried lemons, cones, pine twigs, cinnamon, Christmas biscuits or Christmas balls. In addition, you can cut out of cardboard various figures and stick them to the gift box. There are many ways to make a Christmas gift wrap and if you want, you can also make the gifts yourself. You just have to use your imagination to make your gifts unique.

If you're inspired to wrap the gifts yourself, watch this video:

Also, find out how to make a beautiful package for any gift:

 Now take a look at our examples of how to make a Christmas gift wrap yourself:

1 gift packaging-packaging-tinker-in-green-red-and-wei

Another very nice Christmas gift box with cones


Is not this gift very well packed?


Black, white and green - a very good combination!

package in-pointing-and-black-and-grind 5-geschenkverpackung-gift-box-with-greens-

You can also decorate the gift wrap with twigs


Decorate gifts with cinnamon - why not?


Decorate gift box with Christmas biscuits - very sweet!


Dotted paper - how it works!

8 gift packaging-packaging-tinker-with-roses-and-score

Tie a perfect bow - it's that easy!

9-geschenkverpackung-gift box-with-grune-loop

Decorate gift box with branches and cones


10 geschenkverpackung-gift box-with blue-loop-and-spigot




Another very original wrapped gift



geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-golden-loop

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-green-journal

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-in-red-and-Schwary looking

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-in-red-and-wei

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-in-red-and-looking-loop

An elegant red bow of silk 

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-in-pointing-and-black-red-bow

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-to-have-snowflakes

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-journal with-

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-with-branches

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-red-grind

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-looking black-gold

geschenkverpackung-gift box-gift packaging-in-green-and-brown-with-branches

geschenkverpackung-gift box-grune-branches

geschenkverpackung-gift box-with-zafen-and-two-

geschenkverpackung-gift box-red-geschenkverpackung-with-branches

geschenkverpackung-gift box-red-packaging-with-biscuit

Still some beautifully packed gifts

geschenkverpackung-gift box-grind-in-red-and-looking-branches

geschenkverpackung-gift box-tap-and-two-

geschenkverpackung-gift box-two-Black-loop

geschenkverpackung-geschenkverpackung-tinker-Tee with-

geschenkverpackung vouchers-pack-grubne-branches

2-geschenkverpackung-gift-wrap-grune loop with branches and spigot

3-geschenkverpackug-gift box-packaging-in-red-looking and-black

Decorate gifts with golden Christmas balls

In-pointing-and-black-weihnachtskugeln geschenkverpackung vouchers-pack with-red-sand-and-gold-

geschenkverpackung vouchers-pack-red-packaging-with-grune-loop





geschenkverpackung-packing-craft-loop-in-red-looking and-black

Pack the Christmas presents in black modern





geschenkverpackung-packing-craft-as-packaging-grind with-greens-



Make flowers from napkins

geschenkverpackung-packaging-tinker-tinker-made paper-flower-


7-geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-black-packaging-grind with-golden-





geschenkverpackung-packaging-tinker-in-gold-oriented and black

A pink packaging with love


Golden-weihnachtskugeln-pink-sand geschenkverpackung-packaging-tinker

geschenkverpackung-gift box-packaging-beige-packaging-with-beige-loop




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