Dear ladies, we know very well that you want to look good on the holidays. For the perfect party outfit you need not only a perfect hairstyle and a perfect make-up, but also a perfect manicure! In order to help you to be irresistible and make a beautiful impression, we have created a picture gallery with many inspiring nail design ideas. We hope you enjoy browsing!

Since your fingernails are your business card, you should not disregard them when creating your festive look. Of course, the classic Christmas colors red, green and gold are used for the Christmas nail design. Combine these beautiful colors with silver, so you get a really charming manicure! Countless motifs such as snowflakes, Christmas balls, reindeer, stars, etc. can be painted on the nails. If you have decided to do your nail design yourself, have a look at the following video:

Five super cool nail design ideas for Christmas

New Year nails should of course sparkle and sparkle! Usually, such a nail design with too many sparkling details is too cheesy. It fits perfectly to this party. Choose a nail polish with glitter effect or decorate your nails with rhinestones. Turn your hands into real eye-catchers and enchant your friends and relatives!

Nail design ideas: an effective manicure for New Year's Eve

Get inspiration from our magnificent nail design ideas

nageldesign-winter Christmas Ball Red-nail polish as-snowflakes

Beautiful nail design ideas for a festive mood!

7-vow glitter weihnacten-green-red-gold star winter

A stylish nail design in black with golden decorations

6 Brand design-black-and-gold nail polish finger-nail new year

Super simple and beautiful nail design that you can easily make yourself!

11-vow-glittering-red nail polish silver finger-nail christmas

Dark red nail polish with white stars


Be up to date on the holidays!

fingernail design-christmas-red-gold-and-green-nail polish and gold-ring-loop

A great idea for a festive manicure

6 Brand design-black-pink-glitter-christmas-eve-brand

With such a manicure you will certainly make an impression!

8-vow-glittery purple and gold rhinestones-Golden-nail polish

9 fingernail design-eve-glittering-gold-and-purple-nail manicure

Make-8-fingernail design-sparkling-green-arm-manicure-eve-itself

4 Brand design-winter-christmas-black-nail polish silver-french-brand

10 Brand design-black-ring-nail polish silver-glitter-do it yourself-

4 Brand design-black nail polish glittering brocade-Brand-finger

12 Brand design-winter-black-nail polish golden-christmas-star

A cool nail design in purple and gold

fingernail design-eve-dark purple-and-gold nail polish arm

nail designs-black-and-looking-strass-stones-nail polish new year

13-nageldesign-winter-red nail polish golden-snowflakes xmas

fingernail design-weihnacten-gold-and-looking-grind-glittering-finger arm

fingernail design-dark-nail polish snowflakes Christmas Tree-snow

fingernail design-red-and-looking-christmas-snowflake-poor

fingernail design-silverster-purple-gold-glitter-finger-nail-rings-manicure

fingernail design-eve-gold-glitter-french-brand-groser-ring-poor

fingernail design-christmas-green-red-and-looking-finder Brand

fingernail design-christmas-looking, red and gold-glittering-snowflakes
fingernail design-oriented and silver-glitter-rhinestone-gray scarf-winter

French manicure in black with silver rhinestones


vow glitter beige-gold-geometric-figure-manicure nail


vow-sparkling-new year-long nail manicure-silver-and-gold

fingernail design-black-and-gold-glitter-eve-winter Brand

vow-glittering-rhinestones-beige nail polish and gold-brocade-eve
Nail Design-ideas-in-ront-and-looking-sneeflocke-deer-xmas-brand

Simple nail design in red with white snowflake

Nail Design-ideas-in-red-and-looking-snowflake-arm-finger-nail

Nail Design-ideas-in-red-looking and-silver-snowflakes-frensch Brand

Nail Design-ideas-red-and-gold-coffee-nail polish finger-arm-ring

Nail Design-ideas-red-and-gold-christmas-red-gitlande

Nail Design-ideas-red-and-looking-christmas-silver-rings-poor

Nail Design-ideas-black-and-gold-glitter-nail polish brand-poor

Nail design with glitter for a glamorous look

Nail Design-ideas-new year-dark-rhinestones and gold-glitter

Nail Design-ideas-weihnacten-red-and-gold-glitter-festive-nail nail polish

Nail Design-ideas-weihnacten-vogelbeeren-silver-glitter-nail polish

nageldesign-winter-silver-nail polish-star Brand-vow-glittery

nageldesign-black-french-manicure-rhinestones Brand

Black and gold - the perfect duo

nageldesign-black-golden-elements-nail polish vow


nageldesign-black nail polish silver-glittering brocade-Brand

nageldesign-black nail polish silver-glitter-vow-manicure


nageldesign-black-and-gold nail polish finger-geometric-figures

nail designs-black-and-gold-glitter-nail polish arm-brand-new year

nail designs-red-and-gold nail polish-christmas-finger manicure

nail designs-black-and-silver-glitter-eve-manicure-brand

Dark blue nail polish with silver sparkles

nail designs-eve-blue-silver-glitter-manicure-winter

nageldesign-winder-dark blue and gold-glittering Brand

nail designs Tip Nail-oriented-gold-glittering golden element silvester

nageldesign-winder-red-and-silver nail polish manicure-needle type

nageldesign-winder-silver-snowflakes-black-nail polish

nageldesign-winter-beige-silver-nail polish rhinestones-pink scarf

nageldesign-winter-beige-looking-and-gold-glitter-nail finger

A festive manicure in purple with silver decorations

nageldesign-winter-purple-silver-pattern Christmas Ball-star Christmas Tree

nageldesign-winter-red-nail polish and gold-brocade-glittering Christmas Tree

nageldesign-winter-red-nail polish as-snowflakes-deer

Nail Design-winter-red-and-gold pattern brand-new year-arm

nageldesign-winter-red-and-silver-loop-finger arm


fingernail design-christmas-red-and-looking-snowman bracelet