The money gifts are increasingly preferred to weddings and graduation ceremonies. Donate money but you find boring and impersonal? We have the perfect solution for you: pack gifts and make real eye-catchers. So show your appreciation without risking to give something unnecessary and undesirable. During the preparation of the gift you have the opportunity to prove your creativity. In addition, the creative activities always bring fun and satisfaction. Depending on the occasion, it depends on whether the money gift is packed funny or rather elegant. There is something for every taste. We have attractive ideas that can be replicated easily and quickly, as well as suggestions for small works of art that demand a bit more patience, concentration and attention to detail. All these originally packaged gifts of money will be remembered for a long time and will ensure a good atmosphere during the celebration.

Packing presents: First idea

Make money rain, step-by-step instructions, materials: umbrella, thread, staples, paint

For this you need:

  • umbrella
  • thread
  • clinch
  • textile Color
  • brush
  • bills

Pennies from Heaven

Make money rain, creative and easy ideas for money gifts, step-by-step instructions


  1. Drawing textile drops on the umbrella with textile dye. Let the paint dry well.
  2. Fasten the bills to the umbrella with staples and thread.
  3. The rain of money is now finished!

Make a cake made of foam and banknotes yourself

Money present for wedding / birthday / graduation party, making cake out of banknotes, great idea to imitate

For this you need:

  • foam
  • felt-tip pen
  • scissors
  • pins
  • bills
  • Glue
  1. Draw three circles on the foam, making each circle smaller than the previous one.
  2. Carefully cut out the circles.
  3. Glue the three pieces together to make a three-tiered cake.
  4. Roll up the bills and attach them to the cake with pins.

Fill balloons with money

great idea for wedding gift, balloons full of money, tinker money gifts

For this you need:

  • transparent balloons
  • bills
  • confetti
  • Geschenkband
  1. Roll up the bills and tie them together with gift ribbon.
  2. Inflate the balloons and then let the air out again.
  3. Fill the balloons with bills and confetti.
  4. Inflate and knot the balloons again.

Glass full of money

Glass full of money and little notes with messages, great idea for diploma party

For this you need:

  • Glass
  • Geschenkband
  • bills
  • little notes
  1. Write congratulations or nice memories and experiences on every note.
  2. Roll up the notes and the bills.
  3. Tie up every piece of paper and money with a gift ribbon.
  4. To make the glass look more beautiful, you can paint it or decorate it with various decorative elements.

 Make a wreath from banknotes yourself

great gift idea for graduation party, wreath of banknotes design, DIY ideas to imitate

For this you need:

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • bills
  • Fiber / ribbon
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  1. Draw a ring on the cardboard with pencils and cut it out.
  2. Roll up the bills and bind them together with thread or gift ribbon.
  3. Attach the rolled-up bills to the ring with the double-sided adhesive tape.

Chocolate box with money

Chocolate box full of bills, creative idea for birthday or wedding present

For this you need:

  • empty box of chocolates
  • bills
  • coins
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • Wrapping paper
  1. Place bills and coins in the chocolates and attach with the double-sided adhesive tape.
  2. Optionally add small decorative stones or beads.
  3. Wrap the box with wrapping paper and decorate with gift ribbon.

Decorate tree with bills

Tree with Leaves Bills, Great Wedding or Birthday Gift, Creative Ideas to Imitate

For this you need:

  • decoration branches
  • bills
  • Geschenkband
  • Glass vase
  • Decorative stones
  1. Attach the bills and a greeting card with gift ribbon to the branches.
  2. Optionally, you can paint the vase or fill with decorative stones.
  3. Put the deco branches in the vase and your gift of money is ready.

Pizza from money

funny ideas for money gifts, pizza from banknotes, great birthday surprise

For this you need:

  • empty pizza box
  • round cake board
  • Wrapping paper
  • bills
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • Highlighter
  1. Stick the cake board with wrapping paper.
  2. Attach the cardboard box to the box bottom.
  3. Glue the bills circularly with the double-sided tape on the cake board.
  4. Write something funny on the lid.

Folding banknotes creatively: making a heart

Money present: shirt with tie 

Make flower out of bills

Great money ideas for adventurers

Pack money presents nicely, fold shirts from banknotes, make paper bags

Creative packaging of gifts, globe as moneybox, great idea for adventurers

From banknotes, fold camera, make money gifts yourself, creative ideas for copying

Wedding cake made of money

Make a wedding cake out of banknotes, make a creative cash gift yourself, step-by-step instructions

Glass full of money with mortarboard

cool idea for graduation party, money gifts package, glass with mortarboard

Chains for the graduation ceremony

Fold flowers from banknotes, make a chain of money, great idea for diploma party

Creating a chain of money, bank notes as a cocktail umbrella, a cool idea for a graduation party

Folding flowers from banknotes, making money chain, cool idea for graduation party

Birthday cards with Candle Bills

Making a birthday card yourself, banknotes as candles, creative idea for copying

Make birthday card with candles banknotes, great ideas for money gifts, birthday gift yourself

Green salad

green salad from dollars, funny ideas for money gifts to imitate

Loaded the trunk with money

Creative packaging of presents, trunk as moneybox, DIY ideas to imitate

Great idea for wedding gift, creative creative gift wrapping, paper car with trunk full of money

Unique piggy banks

Wooden piggy bank, nice gift for every occasion, creative and unique

Piggy bank made of glass itself, funny money box - great gift for any occasion

Sew piggy bank, great ideas for making money gifts, small money box made of cloth

Wedding gifts that are guaranteed to be remembered

creative idea for wedding gift, banknotes in the frame, money gifts easily and quickly tinker yourself

Folding clothes from bank notes, creative idea for money gift, suitcase made of paper

Make money gifts, attach car toys, fasten bills with thread, ideas for wedding gifts

Great ideas for wedding gifts, glass full of money, save for the honey moon

The perfect anniversary cake

Making a birthday cake from bills, creative idea for a fiftieth birthday

A few funny ideas for a bright mood at the party

Folding french fries out of bills, funny money present for birthday to imitate

Making butterflies out of banknotes, making money out of money, creative gifts of money

Make lollipops out of bills, funny money gift for birthday, cool DIY ideas

Bottles full of candies and bills for graduation party, creative ideas for money gifts to imitate

Folding banknotes: creative ideas for skilled hands

Peacock and shirt from banknotes fold, creative ideas for money gifts to imitate

creative money ideas, folding notes from banknotes, making gifts yourself

from bill fold pig, funny and creative idea for money gift, make gifts yourself

With a bouquet of money flowers you will surely beckon all guests

folding rose from bank note, creative gift idea to make, make money gifts yourself

Make money out of a tree, create creative ideas for gifts of money, make gifts quickly and easily

Make a butterfly from a banknote, make a great idea for copying, make money gifts yourself

A few practical ideas

Ideas for money gifts, gift box made of glass and wood, the perfect Hochzetsgeschenk

Creative ideas for copying, glasses full of banknotes, saving money on travel

Banknotes hearts, easy and fast tinker gifts, creative ideas

Make money gifts yourself, glass bottle full of money, nice idea for wedding gift

Box of chocolates full of banknotes and coins, great birthday surprise, creative gift wrapping of presents

Piggy bank - nice gift for any occasion, money box for coins, save with fun yellow