Round bridal bouquet - the choice of romantic girls

Round bridal bouquet – the choice of romantic girls

In recent years, there is a particularly pronounced tendency in the bridal broth - the round shape is characterized as particularly preferred. We personally see this trend as very practical and comfortable - such a round one bridal bouquet looks somehow compact and it is almost impossible for the bride to brush her dress with the flowers.

Depending on the model of the wedding dress and the bride's preferences, as well as in line with the main color of the wedding decoration, the nuances vary from tender white or milky purple to garish nuances such as cyclamen color in combination with red or blue.

Of the Brautstauß stays in the house of the new family for a while after the wedding. Because of this, an additional smaller bouquet is usually prepared, which according to tradition is given to the still unmarried girls.

Now look at our suggestions for rounds bridal bouquet, which is meant only for you. Unfortunately, the models are not for sale. We are only in the role of their advisers and hope to have helped you. Have fun watching!

The round bridal bouquet is more and more often preferred

different-round brews bouquets Romantic Sweet-color bridal bouquet ideas

Another wonderful bridal bouquet in a round shape

beautiful bridal bouquet Peony beautiful pink shades

The round bridal bouquet of peonies is among the favorites in recent years

Bridal bouquet Gorgeous composition-of-white-and-pink peonies

This bridal bouquet is at the same time passionate and ... yummy

beautiful-original wedding idea-bridal bouquet Red Peony cherry decoration

These sweet colors are perfect for a summer wedding

beautiful-hoisting Peony garish colors

Romantic peonies in purple nuances

beautiful flower arrangement-wedding bouquet Peony purple stitches

Some women prefer fresh flowers for their wedding

hoisting Gorgeous Flower flash-fresh-color summer wedding

Red, pink and cyclamen bring color together

hoisting Peony pink shades

The Kallas symbolize tenderness and purity

hoisting white-Kallas romantic idea

Here is a fragrant bouquet of centifolia, ranunculus and peonies

hoisting-Zentifolie-Ranunkel Peony fragrance-tender, romantic

less-attractive-hoisting-Pfinstrosen-tender-pink shades cream-color

coquettish-romantic-hoisting Rose Peony purple-pink-Color Pearl Decoration

The peonies eyes make the bouquet so tender ...

passionate-wedding bouquet Red Peony pink-eye

For the fans of the red color we have a few suggestions

passionate Round-bridal bouquet-red-red-roses

beautiful Rose Arrangement for-hoisting-white-red-orange flowers

The freesias are logically suitable for a spring wedding

White Freesia-Strauss wedding romantic idea

round-wedding bouquet Red Peony passionate and romantic

round-wedding bouquet Peony pink-purple cream-color

wedding bouquet Gorgeous Flower pink colors

Wedding Bouquet Rose Calla Lily romantic

Cool Romantic Round-wedding bouquet Peony pink-purple-stitches

These peonies are decorated with ... wait for it ... olive leaves

unique-wedding bouquet White Peony olive leaves decoration

elegant-wedding bouquet White Rose romantic idea-for-wedding

elegnter Strauss for Wedding White Peony eyes

fascinating-hoisting Rose cream color

Fresh floral arrangement of white gerberas and yellow roses

Fresh Flower Arrangement for Wedding-white-yellow Gerbera Roses

Wedding bride and groom bridal bouquet and white-pink peonies

The purple color contrasts with the white dress

hoisting-of-purple flowers Tulips

hoisting-with-naturalem appearance Peony pink-cream-color

romantic combination White Peony Pink Rose crystals Decoration

romantic bridal bouquet White Flower tender idea

romantic-hoisting-tender-pink shades

romantic Strauss for Wedding pastels

romantic-vintage-hoisting Rose Peony Decoration

round-brews bouquets White Flower pale-pink shades

round-wedding bouquet White Flower wonderfully-romantic

This bouquet exudes pureness 

round-wedding bouquet White Peony eyes

round-hoisting-pink-purple flower beautiful arrangement

stylish-wedding bouquet Rose coral color

tender-wedding bouquet Peony pale shades

More and more clothes and bouquets are preferred in cream color

tender-wedding bouquet Peony cream-color


tender wedding bouquet White Peony romantic idea

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