DIY carnival costume - over 50 original ideas for the festival

DIY carnival costume – over 50 original ideas for the festival

Carnival is a time when we can rest and enjoy ourselves. Supposedly, the purpose of this party is to hide behind costumes. But on the contrary. Since the Middle Ages Carnival has been an occasion for people to show their true selves. Carnival is a festival of changing roles - the servants have disguised themselves as nobles and even insulted and defeated their masters. Namely, on this day, the subjects have escaped a penalty because this role reversal was a custom. If you also want to give the carnival a personal touch, we recommend DIY carnival costume to make yourself.

Making costumes yourself is not as complicated as it sounds. Sometimes you need a bit of experience with the sewing machine. If you do not feel like sewing, you can simply dye the clothes or make a costume out of cardboard. Creativity plays a big role in making a carnival dress. Then everyone wants to impress the neighbors with the costume and win the prizes. Each carnival costume shows our individuality. Let your imagination run wild! Get inspiration from different films, games, why not from everyday objects or from nature. Any shapes serve as a template for a DIY costume.

For the kids is especially fun to dress up. And what's more adorable than a masked boy or a disguised girl? If the little ones have participated in the preparation of the costume, they wear it with pride. Childhood is a time to fantasize and sometimes children give the best ideas for disguise. However, you are still looking for inspiration, browse through our suggestions for young and old.

DIY carnival costume - a cute snail

DIY carnival costumes - girl with white dress and backpack like snail

A little superman with a DIY carnival costume

DIY carnival costume - the kids admire superheroes and such a disguise

Is that girl or a palette of painters?

this girl is dressed like painters accessories - DIY carnival costume

Cowgirl DIY carnival costume

a girl with a simple DIY carnival costume, but looks cute

Is not that a little superhero?

DIY carnival costume by Captain America from three blouses in corresponding colors

If life gives you lemons, make a soda!

symbolic DIY carnival costumes with a metaphor of life

A lively advertisement

an advertisement from Starbucks like DIY Carnival Costume - Latte and employee

Popcorn girl looks adorable!

DIY carnival costume an outfit like popcorn mug with matching accessories

Do you like to pack?

funny DIY carnival costume with a boat and oarsman united

Red wig and freckles

a vintage red-haired girl DIY carnival costume with freckles make up

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic costumes! :-P

Costumes make for the carnival at school - alcoholic and soft drinks costumes

The kids are so cute in DIY carnival costumes!

Flower pot, pink petals and green stems - make costumes yourself

make a costume out of cardboard itself - shark for little boy

Elegant women's costumes

make a dress as a costume itself with a rose, black blouse and colorful skirt in the garden

to represent an authentic heroine from antiquity - Gorgone Meduse

Easily make a costume yourself - the symbol of feminist movement

and funny as well!

Costume itself - white gloves, brown hat, black shoes red shorts and blue wings

Two girls with vintage costumes and hairstyles, vintage dresses and one has listeners

pink blouse with the inscription Barbie, Barbie bag sunglasses

Girls and women wearing original DIY costumes

the reason why Link is so often called Zelda - make costume itself

Simple carnival costumes - a rich woman in all outfit and sunglasses

black dress, black wig, black make up, red shoes - DIY costume

This girl is dressed like straw man - DIY costume

From early on participate in carnival

Start with DIY costumes from the very beginning

Inspire yourself from cartoons!

DIY costume the girl of the beautiful and the beast reads book and carries basket

the latest popular heroes the Minions - a girl with DIY costume of those

The baby sheep is a bit sad, right! After all, it's the boss at home!

Sibling DIY costume - the baby is not so happy to be sheep

The women shine in beautiful costumes!

Carnival costumes to do - beige skirt, white blouse, blonde wig

Carnival costumes for yourself make Bambi out of clothing, brown blouse and pants

make a Lilo costume and a cuddly toy as stitch - costumes yourself

Do fancy costumes for yourself

Nice ideas to imitate

a little girl and a woman dressed like pineapple

two girlfriends with costumes for doing Spongebob Squarepants

Little Red Riding Hood with a red dress - costume for yourself

Watermelon costume to make yourself from a long T-shirt

Fairies and princesses

cute girl with green tights and green artificial leaves

A princess costume is an original costume to make yourself

Carnival costumes also for the little men and women

make original costumes for yourself by Jedi for a little boy

adorable little boy with green costume to make yourself

Make a rainbow costume for yourself for a young girl

Disguise your babies - here are some creative ideas

make a shark costumes for a boy himself - from an old tracksuit

DIY projects that are real eye-catchers

a mermaid simple carnival costumes of some parts and make-up

Carnival Costumes Ideas for making your own - colorful spots on white clothes - Dalmatian

a strawberry dress from designer brand - carnival costumes ideas to make your own

Cute costumes for girls and boy

a red dress and hair clip - ladybug carnival costume to make your own

Carnival costume to make yourself - a boy like French Fries from MacDonalds

Fancy carnival costumes for you

a Starbucks costume to make yourself - like a mug with logo

make a cartoon from 2000 as a carnival costume itself

mask with make-up like a deer - carnival costume to make your own

playful carnival costume with ears and a clock

Have fun dressing!

Mini mouse costume with black blouse and red skirt

a dress like ice cream - carnival costumes ideas to make your own

ridiculous costume in pink color - carnival costume ideas to make your own

Ideas for costumes for best friends - two fruits

DIY carnival costume - over 50 original ideas for the festival

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