86 great birthday cake ideas

86 great birthday cake ideas

Of the birthday cake is among the most important elements of a birthday party. He is especially important for the children. They are happy about cakes, especially if they contain their favorite ingredients. For some it's chocolate, for others - vanilla or fruit. However, the cake can be described as a super delicious meal.

What children like to do is to help prepare the cake. They do not know exactly what to do, but they have a great and contagious enthusiasm. And that is more than enough. If you as a parent have no idea how it works, you can take a look at the video below. You will also find numerous in the network birthday cake Recipes.

Next you can decorate the cake, which is even more challenging. And after all is done, you can just put the cake on a cake stand and enjoy its taste together with the family and friends.

Stay with us now, many amazing birthday cake Ideas are still coming! Good Appetite!

The birthday cake must contain the following elements: appetizing crusts, delicious glaze and candles :)

1 Fancy birthday cake with chocolate candles and Endorsement

You can decorate the birthday cake with just a candle

2 beautiful birthday cake with white-cream

If you are a fan of healthy food, you can have a birthday cake with figs

3 delicious birthday cake with-juicy figs

This cake looks super fresh!

4 Colorful Birthday Cake with Lime-and-pink glaze

Heart shaped cake with brownie crust, decorated with strawberries and cherries

5 heart-shaped birthday cake from chocolate cherries and strawberries

The children would like such a decoration with dinosaurs

6-great-birthday cake-of-chocolate-decorated-with-dinosaurs

Simple cake with fluffy white cream and delicious pears

7-white-delicious birthday cake-decoration-with-pear

Combine pink glaze with dried fruits

8 great-birthday cake-with-pink-glazed chocolate-and-dried fruits

The strawberries are among the biggest temptations in the culinary world

9-juicy-birthday cake-with-various fruits

Here is another impressive recipe

10-simple-birthday cake-to-white-glaze decorated with strawberries-

The unusual shapes make the birthday cake more effective. Not only the taste is important ....

11-effective birthday cake-in-the-form-of-pineapple

12-cool birthday cake-made chocolate-in-the-form-of-cone

13-original-idea-for-birthday cake-stump surrounded-by-mushrooms

Combine a piece with a glass of Champagne and forget the pangs of conscience

14 Chocolate Pie with glass Champagne combine

15-white-birthday cake-with-delicious-icing and colorful candles

16 Pie with-beautiful-flower decoration

attractive pink cake-decorated-with-Rose

Delight your child with such a thematic cake

Blue Cake for Kids Birthday with Peter Pan motives

Pie with exotic tropical decoration

cool idea-for-birthday cake-in-tropical-style

cool idea-for-birthday cake-the-little-Prince's Fox and Rose

cool idea-for Cake for Kids Birthday

cool idea-for Cake for Kids Birthday Cookie Monster

cool idea-by-chocolate cake-decoration-with-colorful-candy

Cool Cake for Kids Birthday with cookies

Cupcake with chocolate instead of birthday cake

-decorated colorful birthday cake-in-the-form-of-Volkswagen Van

DIY Cake for Kids Birthday-in-the-form-of-laser

effective Pie-in-sweet nuances

simple chocolate cake-with-fancy decoration

Easy Pie with chocolate cream in rustic style

unique chocolate cake-with-mushrooms-of-sugar decoration

elegant birthday cake-with-flamingo motifs

elegant black and white birthday cake decorated-with-flowers

elegant white birthday cake-decoration-with-raspberries

This cake with boho motifs is suitable for adults

elegant white birthday cake-with-boho art

fabulous Pie with figs-decorated-with-tender flowers

If you are unable to choose only one ... 

fantastic variant of birthday cakes

Combine lemons and grated coconut

fantastic lemon pie-sprinkled-with-coconut

Great Pie of chocolate and nuts

Great Pie with White Cream and Raspberries

Idea for Pie Hedgehog from chocolate

small-flirtatious Tart with decorative roses

The personalized cakes are a great idea for kids birthday

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday cool idea Unicorn with colorful wings

Cake for children's birthday-in-the-form-of-Bee

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday in sweet colors

... as well as those with famous Disney heroes

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday with Disney heroes

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday with Disney motifs

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday with Disney Princesses

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday with Hulk in princess dress

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday with Sweet Pandas

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday with-much-sugar-in-the-form-of-lock

Cupcakes for Kids Birthday forest tree-surrounded-by-mushrooms

The good look of the cake, so its presentation, is pretty important

delicious birthday cake-with-many-layers

delicious birthday cakes-with-chocolate-and-strawberry glaze

Experiment with the ingredients

delicious Cake for Kids Birthday decorated-with macaroons

tasty Pie with Caramel Glaze and Waffles

light-and-effective-birthday cakes recipes

march mellow-and-gummie-bears Pie

More ideas for personalized cakes

Personalized Cake for Kids Birthday Batman

Personalized Cake for Kids Birthday with Star Wars art

romantic Kids Birthday Cake with rabbit figurines

The rustic variants are so sympathetic! Let us convince you!

rustic birthday cake-in-the-form-of-cone

rustic dessert pancake topped-with-cream-and-strawberries

juicy-birthday cake-with-delicious wild fruits

simple, rustic tart-decorated-with-forest animals figurines

simples Tart with White Cream

Simple Pie with cream-decorated-with-strawberries-and-flowers

simple-pie-with-white-cream-decorated with African animals figurines

stylish Pie with beauty-and-the-Beast motifs

great-birthday cake-decoration-with-candy

sweet-Idea for Cupcakes for Kids Birthday

sweet Kids Birthday Cake with Boho designs and-bear figures

thematic Super Mario Cake for Kids Birthday

Life in the forest theme

thematic Cake for Kids Birthday Life in the Forest

thematic rally Cake for Kids Birthday for Boys

thematic Star Wars Cake for Kids Birthday

This is a fantastic idea for breakfast

Tart with cream and cherries

Pie of Pancakes topped-with-fruits

Pie decorated-with-flowers-in-a rustic style

Pie made-entirely-from-fruits

We find it impressive if the glaze and the filling differ in color and taste

Pie with White Glaze and-purple-filling

White Cream Cake with pink filling

white birthday cake-with-decorative-cat

white Pie decorated-with-raspberries

White Pie with-delicious-pink glaze

White Pie with chocolate glaze-decorated-with-colorful-candy

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