40 beautiful ideas on how to fold napkins for Christmas

40 beautiful ideas on how to fold napkins for Christmas

Do you want to have the best table decoration for Christmas? Of course, the napkins are part of a festive atmosphere. So we show in some steps how to fold the napkins for Christmas! With this simple guide, you can create the shape of a fir tree that looks stylish and cute on the table. You will also impress your guests with such napkins. Let's start!

  1. First, take a green napkin with size 16 x 16 cm. By the way, you can also use other colors.
  2. Fold the napkin in four!
  3. Turn so that the outer corners are towards you.
  4. Begin folding the edges one at a time.
  5. Then turn the napkin over! Make sure that you do not unfold the napkin.
  6. After that, fold the edges to counter sides.
  7. Turn around again! Flip up the edges by hiding the corner.

The instructions in video!

So you have a Christmas napkin, which acts as such a beautiful Christmas table decoration. Put the fir tree out of napkins in the plate. You can also add extra decorations to taste - for example, little stars! Anyway, you have a unique ornament on festive table. Discover our other creative suggestions in the picture gallery! Have fun folding!

Fold napkins for Christmas - a golden fir-tree

napkins wrinkle fir-in-golden-color

Fold napkins for Christmas - put them in a special shape

napkins wrinkle fir-in-Gruner-color

Additional decoration on napkins

napkin wrinkle fir-with-small-flower-out

Fold napkins for Christmas - cinnamon as the stem of Christmas tree

napkin wrinkle christmas-a-instructions

Then try to create the top guide at home


 Respectively, here are the photos for guidance!


christmas napkin wrinkle-in-progress show

Also use napkins made of different materials

napkin wrinkle-christmas-with-little-star-up

Patterned napkins are chic to fold


Add napkin rings!

napkin wrinkle christmas-rings with-self-made-of-wired-napkin-

Small green branches from the Christmas tree are also good suggestion for Christmas napkins folding

napkin wrinkle-christmas-with-cinnamon-and-two-

Decorate the napkin like real Christmas tree

napkin wrinkle christmas FIRTREE with decorations

Themed napkins

napkin wrinkle christmas-and-protect-teller

napkin wrinkle tree-like scarf-of-santa



Christmas table decoration


napkins-Christmas-fold-a-tischdeko composition

napkins-Christmas wrinkle easy-to-make yourself


Napkin in line with the plate


This is the end product of the manual - impressive, is not it!

napkin Christmas-wrinkle with Deco stars

Creative suggestions for folding

napkin Christmas-wrinkle with balls


napkin Christmas-wrinkle with branch-off fir

napkin Christmas-wrinkle serviette-off paper

Fresh ideas for napkins

napkins-Christmas-fold-so-picture already

napkins-Christmas wrinkle as Genuine gifts

napkin Christmas-wrinkle-like weihnachtskranz

christmas napkins wrinkle from-simple-napkin

Fold with two napkins

christmas napkins wrinkle-a-great-fir

Stylish folding

christmas napkins wrinkle some checkered-napkin

Christmas napkin-folding-in-color-as-red-wine

Christmas napkin-folding-in-wise-color

christmas napkin wrinkle-with-a-schutzengel

Small decorations to the napkins

christmas napkin wrinkle with small-band-

christmas napkin wrinkle-with small ball-

christmas napkin with wrinkle-small-decoration

christmas napkins wrinkle to-many branches

Merry Christmas!

christmas napkin wrinkle-of-specific napkin

christmas napkins wrinkle-like cutlery bags-use

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