Of the wood floor is considered number one in the floor coverings. And of course, there are many reasons why this flooring is so popular. Of the wood floor is durable, warm compared with tiles and stone. This flooring is made of natural material (oak, maple, olive or walnut), which has a positive effect on the indoor climate in the home. Wood provides a sensuous feeling of space, conveys warmth as it feels pleasantly warm. There are also wood floors for wet areas, so there is no problem laying in the bathroom parquet.

Every type of wood is characterized by its color and its unique pattern. For example, the light woods such as maple, birch, alder, ash and pine are a beautiful selection for lovers of Nordic design. Elegant and high-quality reddish woods look like beech. The color palette of this hard natural material ranges from cream to medium brown. A classic among the floor coverings is called the oak - it is very robust and harmonious.

We have arranged our 120 photos with wood floors according to color - from the light nuance vis to the dark ones. Enjoy the elegant and quiet atmosphere of the room wood floor.

 Wooden floor in light color in the living room!

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-in-bright-color-great-Wohnideen

Modern interior with wooden floor on the stairs.

wonderful-living ideas-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

Wooden floor and white carpet - fantastic combination!

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen--

The wooden floor is a perfect variant for the kitchen.

-Interior design ideas Flooring from wood

A super modern kitchen with parquet and great ceiling design.

super-modern design-in-the-kitchen-living ideas-for-home-interior-with-wood floor

Beautifully furnished living room with parquet and black carpet.

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior with hardwood flooring

Luxury apartment with light parquet.

beautiful apartment-with-parquet floor - great-Wohnideen-

Cozy ambience in the living room.

Living room-design-living ideas-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

The parquet fits perfectly in every room.

Wohnideen-for-home-interior-with-wooden floor-to-light-color-

Charming hallway with wooden floor.

Wohnideen-for-home-interior-with-wooden floor in the hallway

Original design in the dining room and modern parquet floor!

Wohnideen-of-home - interior with wooden floor

Living room with parquet floor and carpet.

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-and-white-carpet-great-Wohnideen


modern-living ideas-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

-beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

beautiful apartment-with-parquet floor in bathroom-great-Wohnideen

Living room design interior design ideas flooring-from-wood

beautiful apartment-with-parquet floor in the hallway-great-Wohnideen

-beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen-

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen-

white-kitchen furniture interior design ideas flooring-from-wood

Interior design ideas flooring - made of wood

Wohnideen-for-the-interior-design-ground Holz--

-Wohnideen-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

beautiful - Flat-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

charming, cozy ambience-with flooring - from wood

brand-master-parquet flooring-thread-beautiful-ideas-for-the-interior

Design Parlor beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

Setting-bedroom - interior design ideas flooring-from-wood

-gemütliche Warm atmosphere-in-the-house-with-parquet

-gemütliche Warm atmosphere-in-the-house-with-parquet

from wood bedroom set interior-design ideas flooring-

Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood-design-in-the-kitchen

cozy-warm atmosphere-in-the-house-with-Parkett--

cozy-warm atmosphere-in-the-house-with-parquet

Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood

-Interior design ideas Flooring off Holz--

Floor set-beautiful-ideas-for-the-interior with hardwood flooring

Parquet-in beautiful color-in dining room

-Parkett-in beautiful color-in dining room


-Parkett-in-beautiful-color-in-living room

Bedroom with-amazing design beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-Parkett--

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior with hardwood flooring and white

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-parquet and carpet in black

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-parquet and carpet in beige

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-parquet-in lighter nuance

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-floor-in-the-kitchen

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-parquet in the living room

cozy-warm - atmosphere-in-the-house-with-parquet

gray-wood-floor-in-the-living room

Interior design ideas flooring-off timber

Interior design ideas Flooring off Holz--

Interior design ideas - flooring made of wood

Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood-wonderful room

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-parquet

beautiful-living ideas-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

Wohnideen-for-the - interior design floor wood

Wohnideen-by - the-interior design floor Holz--

-Wohnideen-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

-Wohnideen-for-home-interior-with-wood floor

 -charmante-cozy ambience-with-flooring from wood

Bodenbelaege_Holzboden_HARO Fancy design

Flooring made of wood by-a-wonderful atmosphere at-home

Kitchen design with wooden flooring

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior with hardwood flooring and carpet

-Bodenbelag-of-wood-for-a-wonderful atmosphere at-home

charming, cozy ambience-with-flooring from wood
-charmante-cozy ambience-with-flooring-from-Holz--

cozy-warm atmosphere-in-the-house-with-parquet

--gemütliche Warm atmosphere-in-the-house-with-parquet

Haro_Parkett_Landhausdiele_Esche parquet laid-beautiful-ideas-for-the-interior

Interior design ideas Flooring from wood

-Interior design ideas flooring-off timber

Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood-leather sofa carpet

Cake design-Interior-Design-Ideas-flooring-from-wood


medium-rough-wooden-floor-tiles-in-bathroom closeup

beautiful nuance in the dining room

parquet-veranda-living idea

Parkett_Hornbach parquet floor-by-a-cozy-warm ambiance-in-the-home

Floor-by-a-cozy-warm ambiance-in-the-home

Parquet beech parquet floor-by-a-cozy-warm ambiance-in-the-home

Bedroom set-Interior-Design-Ideas-flooring-from-wood

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-in-the-kitchen-great-Wohnideen

beautiful apartment-with-parquet floor - in-the-kitchen-great-Wohnideen

beautiful apartment-with - Wood Floor-great-Wohnideen

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen-beautiful-wall design

tolle_Wohnideen-for-the-interior-design-ground Holz--

Wohnideen-for-the-interior design - floor wood

Wohnideen-for-home-interior-with-wood floor

-living room design decorating ideas-for-home-interior-with-wood floor

beautiful bedroom - beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

charming - cozy ambience-with-flooring from wood

-charmante-cozy ambience-with-flooring-from-wood

dark-wood floors and elegant atmosphere-in-Room

fantastic bedroom beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

Corridor design-living ideas-for-the-interior-design-ground wood

Interior design ideas - flooring-from-wood

-Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood

Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood in the bedroom

Interior design ideas flooring-from-wood-in-the-kitchen


Parquet-in-beautiful-color-in-living room

Parquet-in-beautiful-color-in-living-room-modern stairs

parkettmanufaktur-interior-Parquet-rustic floorboard-amber oak-2010-Floor-for-a-cozy-warm ambiance-in-the-home

Parquet laid-beautiful-ideas-for-the-interior

Bedroom facility-interior-design ideas flooring-from-wood

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-floor-in-Dark Brown

beautiful ideas-for-the-interior-with-floor-in-dark brown color

beautiful apartment-with-parquet-in-dark-color-great-Wohnideen

Wohnideen-for-the-interior-design-ground wood


Wohnideen-for-home-interior-with - wooden floor


Wohnideen-for-home-interior with wooden flooring and cozy room

Wohnideen-for-home-interior-with-wooden floor-in beautiful color

Living room design beautiful apartment-with-parquet-great-Wohnideen

wonderful kitchen-living ideas-for-home-interior-with-wood floor