Painting the living room - 106 inspirational ideas

Painting the living room – 106 inspirational ideas

If you have the word living room hears, one thinks of cosiness and calm at first. True - living room is the heart of every apartment. You invite the guests in, you relax on the sofa, in front of the TV, read books or just lazy in the living room. All the details are very important to the feeling that this room evokes: from the furniture to the tiny decorative items. There is an element of the equipment that is immediately missing when entering the living room. Can you guess? The color design, of course. A living room that has a dark wall palette differs thoroughly from one in light tints. One should pay great attention to the whole interior of the living room, that is - the color shade should perfectly match the furniture and decorative elements. In this sense, we show you super nice combination of colors in the living room. For these, you Painting the living room we can help.

Painting the living room - simple color schemes

painting the room - plain color ochra

As you can see, this wall paint perfectly matches the interior of the living room - brown sofas, throw pillows in black and white, light curtains .. The color combination creates a luxury and - at the same time - cozy atmosphere.

Painting the living room - combine white and brown

Good idea for painting in the living room - white tintSimple wall paint - this is the best choice you can make if you want to put an accent on the furniture. In this example, you notice how beautiful the wooden cabinet is next to the white wall.

Painting the living room - gray fits perfectly with red

small living room in gray paintIf you want to emphasize on a color, you can look at this picture. The gray wall design looks simple. This allows the red armchairs and throw pillows to appear as an accent. Of course, the red color is not necessarily - you can opt for another bright color.

Such a wall color appears tasteful and great

Flat painting - modern color - dark red

Living room with gray wall design - luxury and stylish

walls design - living room in gray color

Simple and contemporary - paint the living room nicely

small living room with modern furniture and beautiful wall design in blue

Blue wall design for a fresh look

painting the living room - blue color schemes and soga with many decorative pillows

This is what an ultramodern living room looks like!

green wall design - living room luxury furniture huge painting

Creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room

walls in the living room - red tint

Bright room - a friendly feeling

Living room with three colors on the wall

Living room with a strong accent - bright walls and red transparent curtains

living room with gray walls and red curtains, which are transparent

Luxury living room design - match white and orange

modern living room with orange nuances and white walls

Beautiful color combination

green wall paint and furniture in white for a modern living room

Living room with up-to-date furniture - green wall paint

Green color and white pieces of furniture in the luxury living room

Elegant and tasteful

modern living room with green wall design and interesting carpet

With so many windows and this original color, the living room looks fairytale

Living room with modern design - green white and brown color

The bright wall paint is a real eye-catcher

luxury lamp tv and green wall paint in the living room

It is good to pay attention to the lighting

Good lighting in the big living room with blue wall paint

You can combine the curtain color and the wall color nicely

contrasting colors in living room - modern painting idea

A little extravagant? Why not?

flat painting beautiful - green painting on the wall and decorative potted plant

Spacious living room interior with wall decoration in yellow color schemes

walls beautifully designed in the living room, bright tints

Small, but beautiful - painter's scarf on the wall

Living room color scheme - painting template on gray wall

The gray color goes very well with the wooden cupboards

walls in the living room - simple color nuance

Living room and dining room bring together - okra tints

Living room beautifully designed - okra wall paint

This is a stylish decoration for the living room

living room beautiful paint golden color

Soft sofas fit perfectly with the glass nespresso table - in addition to the ultra-modern wall paint

modern-living-with-elegant-wall color

These throw pillows go hand in hand with the wall paint in the living room

for a good color combination in the living room

The green plant appears beautifully in front of the orange wall

orange living room with nice furnishing

Such a living room looks unrealistic!

Flat painting ideas - living room with orange walls

The wall design and the bright cushions make this living room design unique

wall paint for the living room - orange

Gray painted wall and red items are one of the best combinations

gray design for the living room - interesting interior

For a fun living room look, choose the yellow color

modern living room design - yellow wall paint

This wan color creates a warm atmosphere

Furnish living room - soft sofa fireplace throw pillow large window ochra wall decoration

Contrasting wall paints are always in vogue

wall design in living room - beautiful lighting - soft carpet

This wall paint looks great

wall decoration ideas for the living room shelves paintings on the wall

Red and white - this color combination has a strong effect

Living room with beautiful design - red walls

small modern living room

kelines living room with interesting carpet and couch

wall paint for living room white sofa colorful pillows wooden table

small living room design with geometric squares on the wall

Living room color scheme - modern and white

fireplace living room gray wall design chandelier

Living room design - white pieces of furniture and red accents

modern painting strokes - painting lines

Living room with a huge leather sofa

blue wall throw pillow brown color armchair

Living room with interesting wall design - red and ochra

small living room with curtains, lamp, sofa, fireplace, bookshelves

exotic living room with colorful pieces of furniture palm glass walls

Beautifully designed walls - living room with beautiful colors and elegant furniture

living room with white curtains decorative candles paintings on the wall - beautiful wall paint

furnishing and color scheme in the living room - modern furniture

dekopflanze fireplace sofa with armchair painting curtains

painting small living room - bright color

living room really nice set up - painting on the green wall

Dark orange color for walls in small luxury living room

purple living room color scheme

luxury living room with green plants sofa with armchairs and large window

Luxury living room with gray walls and accents in red

living room beautifully designed - sofa with armchairs, soft carpet and barhpckern

decorative plant and beautiful armchairs in the living room with yellow wall design

Living room and kitchen - green and yellow wall paint

small living room with wall design bright blue wall

modern living room - white walls leather sofa

modern living room design - white and gray

ochra wall design in the living room

Modern living room set up - bright wall paint and deco flowers

white and gray walls - flats

living room with a gray wall big window sofa

wall paint palette for the living room - white and dark orange

living room furnishings - green wall-colored armchairs and luxury sofa Living room design - white furniture carpet big window Living room design - ochra color and red elements

painting room - modern color

walls in the living room

living room beautiful red walls

Living room interior with a glass nesting table and fresh colors for the walls

white wall paint and green dekopflanze in the living room

Living room design - throw pillow painting on the wall Brown wall paint

white furniture and yellow walls in the living room

orange living room - modern wall color and extravagant sofa design

wall paint for the living room - green

modern furniture and gray wall paint in the living room

cozy living room with bright wall paint and luxury fireplace

modern living room set - red color

Decorative elements and modern orange wall paint in the living room

Living room with creative equipment - bright walls and large paintings

Dark purple and red color for wall design in the luxury living room

Beautifully designed living room - blue wall paint and colorful furniture

Modern living room design - paint walls in white and turquoise color

Living room painting ideas - flash tints

white wall paint and simple furnishings in the living room and in the dining room

Living room with white furniture and wall colors - gray and white

wall paint simple outfit - bright tints

yellow wall paint for the living room

living room with wall decoration in gray and a luxury fireplaceWe hope you have chosen the best color combination for your living space. Maybe you can do more Painting the living room Conceive ideas yourself. We believe that we have given you the necessary inspiration!

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