85 modern wall colors Ideas for the living room 2016

85 modern wall colors Ideas for the living room 2016

One of the difficult tasks when it comes to wall paint ideas for the living room? The choice of a paint color. Just a quick glance at a painted wall is enough to make someone dizzy. And an unwise choice can always question your taste ("Why did I choose blue?"). We have selected for you only the best wall colors for the living room for the year 2016. Take a look and decide for yourself!

Wall colors Ideas for the living room: garden stone

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-Cool-decision

When it comes to wall paint ideas, stay away from colors with heavy blue undertones, and choose warm shades of gray that will stand the test of time. This shade is a favorite.

Wall colors Ideas for the living room: Manchester tan

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-startling decision

This shade is warm and neutral. Manchester tan changes along with the light. It ranges from a rich warm hue to light and fresh nuances depending on the source of light in the room.

Compatible cream

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-decision

If you need a yellow that is not too sunny, choose that color. These creamy shades are warm, inviting and very flexible when it comes to coordination with colors of adjoining rooms.

Intense white

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-creative decision

Do not be fooled by the name - this color gives a greyish tone. It's an ideal setting for those who are not brave enough to choose more vivid colors but still want to achieve a subtle contrast with white trim. Combine this modern shade with transitional decor for a more modern blend.

Scion 06

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional decision

This color is ideal for the living room. It's not so pink that it stings, but it works flattering on everyone in the room.


Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-flashy-decision

This is the best color when working with an open living room. A fail-safe neutral, it works with all styles, from traditional to modern, and both - warm and cool colors. It's a good alternative to white, because it adds enough color to a room without becoming overwhelming.

Decorators and white

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-decision

This shade has the most brilliant pure white undertones. It's perfect for bright living rooms and even bathrooms if you want to achieve a clean, clean feel.

Freshness for your home with selected wall and ceiling colors at Obi

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-obi

Wall Color Ideas-for-living-logo

Refresh your home. With appropriate wall and ceiling colors, you can easily and quickly paint a new coat of exterior walls or interiors. But the choice of colors is huge. Sometimes it is not so easy to keep track. The most widely used indoor paints are the so-called dispersion paints. High-quality emulsion paints are well covering, thick-layered and low-odor. They are also good to use as a ceiling paint, as they adhere well and can be used to avoid the formation of streaks. For heavily used walls, the use of latex paint is recommended. It is water-repellent, hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and abrasion-resistant. You will find different gloss levels, so you can achieve different effects from matt to shiny. For special requirements we carry for you functional colors, which are suitable for example in damp rooms as well as soot and nicotine stains. At OBI you will find colorful or white interior colors as well as tinting colors, so that you can design your rooms according to your individual requirements. Effect colors can also be used to create great creative effects that create a fascinating look.

Facade paints - design and protection of your building

Your OBI market also offers you a large selection of high-quality facade paints in the field of wall and ceiling colors. Unlike the interior paint, the facade paints have higher requirements. Because they not only serve the design of the outer facades, they are also necessary to protect the building effectively against weather, UV rays and various environmental influences. Facade paint should be breathable to prevent the formation of mold. Emulsion paints, silicone or silicate paints are well suited for outdoor use, they are easy to work with and provide the necessary protection for your building. Some paints are equipped with an extra protection against algae, moss and fungal attack, which safely and effectively reduce the spread of microorganisms. Elastic facade paint bridges small cracks without much effort. On the other hand, base colors are specially designed for the higher demands in the base area. They are particularly resistant to abrasion, high opacity and easy to clean.

Wall and ceiling colors by OBI

Your OBI market offers you high-quality wall and ceiling colors in a large selection for all requirements and requirements. Many of the paintings can also be ordered online. So you can easily and conveniently equip with suitable colors. For a competent consultation, the friendly staff in your OBI market are at your disposal. Here we also have many useful painting tools ready for you, so that all work can be done quickly, cleanly and professionally.

Some interesting videos about:

The green walls and white fireplace make the room look spacious

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking design

Living room living room white

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking interiors

White and yellow in the living area of ​​a detached house

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional design

Green nuances add splashes of color to the white living room

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional interiors

White accent wall

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-cool design

Living room in black and white

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-cool interiors

Colors for living room - Add color cushions to the furniture

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking atmosphere

Wall paint white at the fireplace

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking equipment

Colors purple and white combine

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking broadcasting

Bright colors in the living room

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking Deco

Combination of white and black in the living room

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-flashy decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-flashy-device

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-flashy design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional atmosphere

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional equipment

Wall Colors Ideas: White is not just for small rooms

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional broadcasting

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-exceptional design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-cool atmosphere

Purple accents in the living room - the colors make it look comfortable

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-Cool equipment

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-Cool broadcasting

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-Cool Deco

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-cool decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-Cool-decision

Enjoy our endless variety of living room furnishings

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-cool design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-creative atmosphere

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-creative equipment

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-creative decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-creative decoration

Wall Colors Ideas: Neutral Wall Colors Ideas

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-creative design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-modern equipment

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-modern broadcasting

Wall Color Ideas for Living Room A Modern Deco

Wall Color Ideas for Living Room A Modern Decoration

Wall colors Ideas: Bright, rustic living atmosphere

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A Modern-decision

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-modern-design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super equipment

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-radiance

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-Deko

Wall colors ideas in warm shades - blue

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-decision

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great equipment

Wall colors ideas: Living room wall decoration in turquoise blue

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-charisma

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-Deko

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-decision

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-amazing atmosphere

Wall Colors Ideas: Turquoise is a magnetic wall paint

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-stunning equipment

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-startling broadcast

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-startling Deco

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-startling Decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-startling decision

Wall Colors Ideas: Create a bright romantic atmosphere 

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-striking design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful atmosphere

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful equipment

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-broadcasting

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-decoration

Wall colors Ideas: Indirect lighting

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-decoration

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-decision

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-design

Wall Color Ideas-for-living-on creative design

Wall Color Ideas-for-living-on creative interiors

Wall colors Ideas: painting walls - more color ideas for the living room

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-modern design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-modern interiors

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-Design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-super-Interior

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great-Design

Wall colors Ideas: Yellow, dramatic walls and a fireplace

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-great interiors

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-intriguing design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-astonishing interior

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful design

Wall Color Ideas-for-Living-A-beautiful-interior

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