Tattoos are an attractive way of expressing our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and showing them to others. The serve not only as a decoration. Nevertheless, there are always new trends in tattoos. For women, various romantic symbols and representations are current in different periods. For men, there are also certain motives that can be more or less described as trendy. Everybody chooses a special body part for his first tattoo. Especially those who do not want to do a lot of experiments, opt for one Wrist tattoo. Of course this can not be the first tattoo.

With this tattoo one speaks of romance and discretion, which are absent with many other tattoos actually. The size of the representation is not of great importance. Even if the tattoo is big, it somehow stays hidden, somehow familiar because of its location. Important here is the symbolism. Almost certainly one has on the wrist something private, what tattoos personal. This may be letters, whole or small symbols such as quotes, e.g. be. However, the tattoo carries a special meaning and message, sometimes only known and clear to the owner of the tattoo. And that is exactly the charm of this drawing. It's all about the fact that this tattoo is first visible to us, and only then for the others.

Look at the many now Wrist tattoo Ideas that we have brought together for you and assess if that is your business. Have fun!

This is a wrist tattoo for brave girls

cool tattoo ideas tattoos-for-Women Wrist tattoo gun

Idea for Wrist Tattoo for Adventurers

small tattoos Bicycle representation Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo, which is dedicated to our pet

Tattoos for Women Cat Cool Tattoo Ideas Wrist Tattoo

This wrist tattoo can speak for certain features like sense of humor or sense of irony

beautiful tattoos-small tattoos-ideas-quotes Wrist Tattoo

Many people tattoo parts of their bodies with symbols that mean something important to them

Tattoo on wrist tattoo symbols

Did he find the right key or does it just look that way?

original tattoo on wrist Keyhole

Have the world on the palm ... or on the wrist 🙂

Tattoos for Women tattoo on wrist World Map

It could not be more summery!

Tattoo symbols tattoo on wrist wave

So you have the nature closer 

small tattoos Tree Tattoo Women Tattoo

Does this arrow have direction or is it hanging up randomly?

small tattoos tattoo symbols tattoo on wrist

Many women prefer the butterfly tattoo - it is romantic, tender and girly

Tattoos for Women tattoo on wrist Butterfly

A suggestion for the "Alice in Wonderland" fans

original tattoo ideas Alice-in-Wonderland Cat

romantic Women Tattoo Bird Tattoo

romanttische tattoos-for-women-flowers

The feather tattoo is among the most recent drawings on the skin

Tattoo on wrist Feather Tattoo

The wife's best friend has to be there

Tattoo on wrist Woman Tattoo Diamond

Many famous women and men have tattoos on their wrist - one of them is the beautiful Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett-Johansson-with-a delicate Wrist Tattoo

Angelina-Jolie-small tattoo dragon representation

Tree tattoo small tattoo Tannenbaum

A colorful 3D drawing - absolute masterpiece

Colorful Feather Tattoo Women Tattoo

Charlie Sheen tattoo lettering tattoo wrist

cool tattoo ideas tattoo lettering

Cool Tattoo Ideas Wolf representation

cool tattoos-for-Women Photo Camera

Demi Lovato is known for her love for tattoos

Demi-Lovato-Cool Cross Tattoo

Demi-Lovato-with-tattoo on wrist

Demi-Lovato tattoo wrist tattoo lettering

Not the size, but the meaning and the content have a meaning

Hillary Duff Small Tattoo Red Heart Tattoo

Johnny Depp many tattoo ideas

keith-urban-many tattoo ideas tattoo designs Men

small tattoo cool tattoo ideas plane

small tattoo angel wing tattoo women tattoo

small tattoos tattoo on wrist tattoo lettering

small tattoos tattoos-for-women-triangles

musical tattoo icons small tattoos

Rihanna with tattoo on wrist

In India tattoos are more than fashion - they are culturally bound

beautiful tattoos-small tattoo women tattoo

Some people choose larger tattoos like these

beautiful tattoos tattoo wrist Bird

beautiful tattoos tattoos-for-women-tattoo lettering

Tattoo Wrist colorful tattoo ideas

The arms of Adam Levine are almost completely tattooed 

Tattoo-Motive-man tattooed-Slee-Adam Levine

Tattoo lettering fresh tattoo ideas

Tattoo lettering tattoo on wrist

Tattoo lettering tattoo on wrist-cool tattoo ideas

Tattoos for Women fresh tattoo ideas

The name tattoo is also super fashionable

cool tattoo ideas Name Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Ideas Wolf Tattoo

Cool Tattoo Designs Men Bird Tattoo

Emma Stone Tattoo icons small tattoo

geometric tattoo ideas tattoo designs Men

geometric tattoo ideas tattoo designs Men tattoo symbols

Wrist tattoo small tattoo Tattoos for Women

Wrist Tattoo Bird tattoo Tattoos for Women

Heart Tattoo Family tattoo lettering

Heart tattoo romantic tattoo symbols

Tattoo Ideas for lovers - in this pair, one has to be Ying and the other is Yang - the choice is definitely difficult and symbolic

small tattoos-for-lovers tattoo symbols

It's always good when the celebrities are propagandists of everlasting values

Lady Gaga with tattoo on wrist tattoo symbols

Miley-Cyrus tattoo on wrist Anchor Tattoo

The tattoos have alternatives - the henna tattoos e.g. are super attractive, feminine and harmless

with henna tattooed hand tattoos-for-women

That's the s.g. white tattoo - another alternative;)

musical Tattoo Ideas Key cool tattoo symbols

original tattoo ideas tattoo on wrist

Pink tattoo lettering Cool Tattoo Ideas

Romantic tattoo ideas for lovers

romantic tattoo ideas-for-lovers Bird Tattoo

Tattoo on wrist Feather tattoo small tattoo

Tattoo on Wrist Heart Tattoo

Tattoo on Wrist Heart tattoo small tattoo

Tattoo on Wrist small tattoo keyhole

Tattoo on Wrist Tattoos for Women

Tattoo on wrist tattoos-for-women-sweet

Tattoo on wrist World Map original tattoo ideas

Here's another hit among women's tattoos

Tattoo crown small tattoo wrist tattoo

Tattoo-Motive-Men Cool Wrist Tattoo

Lately, and especially in the summer, the gold and silver temporary tattoos have been a total hit among the ladies

Tattoos for Women silver-blue

Tattoos for Women Bird Tattoo

Tattoos for Kings and Queens

Tattoos-by-lovers tattoo crown

Tattoo icons cool tattoo lettering

Discrete tattoo - the symbol of infinity

Tattoo symbols Wrist tattoo small tattoo

Tattoo icons romantic Tattoo Ideas

Victoria Beckham tattoo on Wrist small tattoo