Vintage furniture is hotter than ever! These pieces of history are much more than "just" a nice decor. They give the room a cozy and a bit nostalgic atmosphere and have the ability to take us back to a bygone era.

Vintage furniture is usually referred to as pieces from the 1930s to the 1970s. If you are interested in this style you should definitely know designers like Marcel Breuer, Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjaerholm and Isamu Noguchi.

It's no coincidence that the interest in vintage furniture is growing. The high quality and its special charm are perfect for any interior. In most cases, vintage furniture is made from high quality materials, which makes them timeless and durable. Their advantages include the precision of workmanship and the comfort they bring to the room. But what makes them special is their own story telling every piece of furniture. Even those that are not inherited but bought always bring a touch of nostalgia. You can also unfold your individuality with the help of original vintage furniture, as they stand out from mass-produced products and are not widely available.

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture, wooden chairs, many shelves, indoor plants, pictures, blue carpet and blue cabinets

If you opt for vintage furniture, the modern pieces from the room can not be banished. Vintage and modern furniture can be cleverly combined. This creates a contrast that looks impressive and playful. The modern decor even emphasizes the romantic charm of the old furniture. In a style mix, you can avoid the gaudy colors for walls and floors. We would recommend you to put on light and dull colors.

Beautiful vintage furniture can be found at flea markets and also in many online shops. Lately, it's getting more and more up to date to make a worn look on new furniture. We did some research and found "real" vintage treasures for you. Take a look at our suggestions.

  • Vintage dresser
  • Vintage armchair 
  • Vintage table
  • Vintage chair

Children's room in vintage style

Vintage bedroom in light green, retro clothes rack and bed, plush toys

When choosing one should be aware of some factors, because many plagiarisms are sold. Since counterfeits are sometimes made so precise, we would recommend that you always ask for an authenticity certificate or contact an expert. Also pay attention to the price of the piece. Originals are much more expensive than counterfeits in most cases. For this reason, it is particularly important to find out in advance which prices are customary in the market.

What should one pay attention to? Original vintage furniture is mostly offered restored. A restoration is necessary to restore the original charm. Here, however, the danger arises that the character of the piece is damaged. A good restorer takes the authenticity of a piece of furniture into account and breathes new life into it, while preserving vintage features such as peeling edges, faded paint, and chipped paint.

In Germany there are shops and online shops that specialize in buying used furniture, restore it and sell it again. Most widely used are furniture of the 60s. Especially fascinating are the pieces with a longer history, like those of Art Deco and the Bauhaus era, as they are real rarities. They are the best choice for those who prefer furniture with a straightforward and mostly simple character. The vintage furniture also includes the Art Nouveau pieces, which are characterized by floral motifs and strongly curved lines.

We have put together a short list of such specialized online shops for you:

  • Inside Room
  • Pomano
  • Goldstein & Co
  • Wohndesign77
  • Lys vintage

Vintage accessories

Vintage furniture, drawer decorated with roses, glass vases, scales, clocks and mirrors

In a room that is decorated in vintage style, eye-catching accessories such as wood clocks, musical instruments on the walls and throw pillows in bright colors are a must. There is something for all travel lovers. World maps, globes and suitcases can be found everywhere. Also characteristic for vintage deco are glass vases, small porcelain figurines and green indoor plants. There are no strict rules for this style. Everything you like is right here.

In our gallery you will find many vintage interior design ideas that fascinate with a special charm. Have fun setting up and decorating and see you soon!

Create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere at home!

Vintage living room, creating a romantic look, decorative pillow with floral pattern, wooden table, candle holder, retro fan

Colorful throw pillows and green houseplants

Furnishing ideas in vintage style, living room, blue sofa with decorative cushions, indoor plants, wooden bench and table

This is what a vintage shelf looks like

Vintage furniture, interior design ideas for the living room, wooden shelves, many books and souvenirs

Guitars on the wall

Vintage decor and decoration, guitars on the wall, ideas for a cozy home

Living room in vintage style

Vintage living room, white sofa, colorful decorative pillows, small table, houseplants

Kitchen in vintage style

Vintage kitchen, great home decor, blue cabinets, wooden table, pictures and vases of flowers

Eye-catching vintage armchair

Vintage furniture, comfortable armchair, bright color, interior design ideas for the living room

Vintage bedroom

white bedroom in vintage style, pictures and decorative pillows, retro bedside tables

A suitcase bedside table

Vintage interior design ideas, bedside table suitcase, bedside lamp, blue bed

Inspire for your next destination!

Vintage bedroom, bedside table in coral, globe, books, bedside lamp, world map on the wall

Vintage kitchen, table with four chairs, thermoses, world map, fan, retro lamp

Vintage lamp, world map, fan and thermoses, light blue, beautiful interior design ideas

Leather furniture perfectly matches the vintage interior

Vintage furniture, living room, interior design ideas, brown leather sofa with white decorative cushion, floor lamp and drawer

Vintage furniture, leather stool, comfortable armchair with decorative cushions, interior design ideas for the living room

Vintage decor, leather sofa, blue decorative pillow, large houseplant, chandelier

Dazzling colours

Vintage furniture, bench, wood chair and table, pumpkins, great ideas for nostalgic look

Vintage lamp, shelves with many books on it, houseplant, picture, retro look

Vintage style, a wall in green, many pictures and photos, vases with flowers

Many pictures on the wall

Vintage decor, cozy living room, many pictures and deco elements, retro shelves

Vintage bedside lamp in black, cans as flowerpots, ashtray, pictures on the wall

Vintage decor, wooden dresser, cactus, many pictures on the wall, retro look

Vintage furnishings for the living room, many pictures, white furniture, candle holders, bedside lamps

Nostalgic touch

Vintage furniture, colorful bedside table, retro fan, books and camera, ideas for vintage look

Vintage interior design ideas, wooden chest of drawers, bedside lamp, cones, candle holder, vase of flowers

Vintage bedside table, vase of flowers, alarm clock, picture, small souvenirs, home decor for the bedroom

Vintage wooden tables

Vintage decor, wooden table and chairs, small fridge, letters on the wall bar

Vintage furniture, table and chair, unique decor for a cozy home

Vintage living room, wooden table, white sofa with many decorative pillows, books and decorative items

Vintage chairs

Vintage Home Decor, Living Room, Retro Chair with Decorative Pillows, Floral Patterns, Indoor Plants

Vintage interior design ideas, blue wooden chair, pictures on the wall, houseplants, blue cabinets

Vintage nursery, wooden shelves, desk, many dolls and stuffed animals, small retro chair

Living room in blue

Vintage living room in dark blue, cabinets with many books in it, decorative cushions, two small tables

Vintage bench, pictures on the wall, houseplant, decorative cushions, great interior design ideas

Vintage living room, white armchair and decorative pillow, purple bedside lamp, cup, floral pattern

Eye-catching vintage lamps

Vintage living room, many interior design ideas, white armchairs, shelves, many books, extravagant floor lamp

Vintage deco, bedside lamp, coils, retro ideas for the living room, furnish and decorate

In white

Vintage bathroom, wooden furniture, retro mirrors, black and white tiles

Vintage decor, sofa with many decorative pillows, floor lamp, wooden shelf with photos on it

Vintage bedroom in white, many decorative pillows, vase of flowers, bedside lamp

Plates as decorative elements

Vintage decoration, plates with various motives, deer head, green table, porcelain

Vintage kitchen, great interior design ideas, dulcimer, rolling pin, libra, glass, retro look

Vintage decorative elements, retro radio, toy car, books and magazines

Vintage furniture for the living room, blue armchair with decorative cushion, houseplant, globe and suitcase

Vintage living room, wooden table, tulip bouquet, china, shelves with books and pictures on it

Vintage shelf, books, fan, houseplant, sewing machine, home decorating ideas for the living room

Vintage living room, beautiful home decor, green sofa, colorful decorative pillows, houseplants

Vintage terrace, swing with decorative cushions on it, fresh and colorful, small balcony plants