You may have already discovered the comfort of hammocks? Nevertheless, we would like to remind you how practical, beautiful and cheap these "furniture" are. In this article we would like to introduce you to the history of hammocks and also show a super trend representing the modern hammock chairs. Let yourself be a piece of dreamlike mood and read on!

Hammocks and hammock chairs for a casual atmosphere!

Hammock garden

The hammock presents "a resting and sleeping place made of net or cloth fabric, which is stretched between two attachment points so that a sagging lying surface is formed." With this short explanation, we think that it is already clear what comfort the hammocks offer. The feeling of free hanging is very popular among people and is not really new at all. The history of the hammocks begins in Latin America, where they are listed among the local population in Gebsmoke was watching. On land, the "furniture" asked by their increased suspension protection against dangerous animals, dirt and moisture, necessary for the residents there. The development of the term hammock is a typical example of a folk etymology. The origin is the name of the Taínos in Haiti for their sleep nets, the hamáka In his rediscovery of America, Columbus also got to know the hammock. On October 17, 1492, he noted in his log book: "Beds and blankets on which those people slept are a kind of woolen net". Later, they were used in shipping as a space-saving sleeping accommodation. Hammocks made their way to Europe, where they soon became popular and later spread worldwide.

Hammocks as reclining furniture

Hammock in-garden

Hammock white

Hammock chair as seating

Today, the hammocks and the new type of hammock chair serve as a relaxing recliner not only outdoors but also at home. Various models are sold on the market, many of which offer new choices besides the standard design. The hammock chairs are particularly popular in this sense, as they allow free sitting, space-saving and relaxing - suitable for reading, drinking coffee or just ... sitting 🙂

Hammock chair-brasil-papaya

See our suggestions for hammock chairs that you can also find and order from specialized sellers online.

Hammock chair-homemade

Hammock chair cane and white

Hammock chair-Caribea

Hammock chair decorative pillows

Hammock chair deluxe red

Hammock chair-comfortable-and-practical

Hammock armchair-french-cream-luxury

Hammock chair-wood chair

Hammock chair-in-garden

Hammock chair-in-Garten2

Hammock chair-master

Hammock chair-sea

Hammock chair-orange outdoor

Hammock chair-papaya-outdoor

Hammock chair-square

Hammock chair Rope-blue pillows

Hammock chair-strefen

Hammock chair-to-home

Hammock chair-to-home

Hammock chair-to-home colorful