Do you remember how much you, as a child, enjoyed rocking at the playground? If you think of these kids activities with nostalgia, then you can have a great time too Holzschaukel supply! Although we are no longer children, that does not mean that we should not have fun, right? And a Holzschaukel have in the garden - this can be real fun! Return to the carefree childhood and relax in your own garden or in the house on a high-quality swing.

In our article you will find many fascinating models of garden swings. You can find the right one for you and create a beautiful ambience inside or outside. There is a varied variation for every taste - small hanging wooden boards, wooden structures for two or three people, swing in the form of a chair or swing made out of a wooden pallet.

 Wooden swing with back and armrests

wonderful-swing-in-garden with super-design-play-

Wonderful wooden swing with a beautiful design!

great - swing-to-backrest-super-design-playing-in-garden with

Comfortable wooden swing for the garden

comfortable garden-swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design

Modern wooden swing for a beautiful garden design!

garden swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design

Try it - build a wooden garden swing yourself!


Build a fantastic swing from an old wooden pallet - great idea!


Stylish design on the porch with a modern swing 

fantastic-rocking-wood-for-the-children-in-garden-gartengestaltung- fun-

Enjoy a comfortable swing in your own garden!


A summer dream - swing, hanging over the water!

'holzschaukel Pendant-rocking-good-idea

Great creative idea!

cool-garden design-with-a-holzschaukel-

For the clever - an idea to make your own!

cool-garden design-with-a-holzschaukel--


fantastic-rocking-wood-for-the-children-in-garden-gartengestaltung-- fun-

one - fantastic-rocking-wood-in-garden-fun-for-the-children-gartengestaltung


wonderful garden-swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design


fantastic-rocking-wood-in-bedroom fun-for-the-children-gartengestaltung

garden swing-to-back-and-armrest-garden accessories-exterior-design

garden swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design--

garden swing-for-fun-garden accessories - exterior design

-gartenschaukel-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design

-gartenschaukel-for-fun-garden accessories - exterior design

garden rocking-make-fun-to garden accessories-exterior-design-veranda-


comfortable garden-swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design

comfortable - garden swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design

Modern-garden swing-for-fun-garden accessories-exterior-design

original-rocking-play with super-design-in-garden-

original-living idea Pendant-swing-from-wood



bedroom-und_schaukel-of-wood-living idea

Schukel-for-inside-super-great-living idea

swings-interior-decorating-ideas-fun-swing-seats 3

great-swing-to-backrest-super-design-playing-in-garden with


living room-with-a-swing-out timber