If you go on your dream holiday in the summer, you should also dress accordingly. From Malibu to the Maldives, follow our guide, the most popular beach outfit Trends for summer 2017 presented. We have divided our article in three parts. The first part shows the tendencies in clothing in certain places. In the second part we tell you which outfits are popular among the stars. Finally, we'll show you which shoe models are up to date this summer.

Part 1

Beach outfit: Maldives

The Maldives is a stylish destination. If you've planned your vacation there this year, put on a chic one-piece bathing suit and pair it with upscale vacation accessories like a macrame bag and a pair of espadrilles.

Beach outfit, summer 2017, women's outfit, long linen trousers, black one-piece bathing suit, macrame bag, espadrilles

Beach outfit: El Matador Beach, Malibu

Malibu is the place to remember that the picturesque sea caves do exist. Enter the chill mode by combining a light denim skirt with velvet bikini. They will give you a royal look! With an extra belly chain you will also have a bohemian touch in your beach outfit. In windy weather or in the evening, a white shirt will perfectly complete your outfit.

Beach outfit for women, white silk shirt, velvet bikini, black waist bag, denim skirt, belly chain

Beach outfit: Treasure Beach, Jamaica

With a bold combination of brightly colored bikini, a fun pareo and some surprising accessories like a gorgeous necklaces necklace, you're one step ahead of the others.

Beach outfit for 2017, green pareo with tassels, yellow bikini with floral motifs, colorful pearl necklace, open fabric shoes

Beach Fashion: Dreamland Beach, Bali

This chic holiday location is the ultimate beach destination. Keep it casual with a linen dress and a pair of fun sandals that will take you from the beach to a candlelit dinner.

Beach outfit, braided bag, striped dress in beige, belt, white bikini, platform shoes

Beach Fashion: Baia do Sancho, Brazil

You are in Brazil. Put on the tightest swimsuit and your beach outfit is ready!

Beach outfit for Brazil, green tunic with pattern, summer shoes with leaf motifs, black braided bag with tassels, yellow bikini

Women's Beach Fashion: Superbank, Gold Coast, Australia

Superbank is a paradise for the surfers. Wear a sporty bikini, but add a feminine touch with a slip dress and a straw hat to your outfit.

Beach outfit, white lace dress with straps, brown leather flip flops, straw hat for women, sporty bikini

Part 2

What are the most popular tendencies for beachwear among the stars?

Jaime King

Her outfit is a model of how your swimsuit in vintage style can look modern: sandals with silver straps and huge sunglasses with round lenses.

Beach outfit Jaime King, vintage style swimwear singlet, red belt, silver sandals

Chrissy doughs

She's not at the beach right now, but let's be honest - who does not want to wear this summer outfit? Perfect from head to toe, it can be combined with both flat shoes instead of high heel shoes.

Beach outfit Chrissy doughs, short denim pants, white top with straps, long shirt with stripes, straw hat, heel sandals

Kendall Jenner

The sneakers may not be the best option for the beach, but if you do not want to feel the sea water with your feet, follow Jenner's pattern and pair the sneakers with a sweet spaghetti-strappy top with a bare back and high-waisted jeans. This outfit is also perfect for beach parties in the evening.

Beach outfit, Kendall Jenner, light-colored denim jeans, white sneakers, top with champagne spaghetti straps

Miranda Kerr

Who said you can not wear long pants on the beach? These gauzy top pants are super elegant and effective and ensure you coolness and comfort on the beach.

Beach outfit, Miranda Kerr, white trousers with lace, long pants, white bikini, long hair, gymnastics

Taylor Swift

The vintage pieces are in vogue the other day. If you want to complete the look, cat's eye sunglasses and red lipstick will not hurt.

Beachwear 2017, Taylor Swift, vintage swimsuit, one-of-a-kind in black, cat glasses, blue cloth


Shine with a beach dress in calendula color and a floral crown of delicate flowers.

Beach Fashion, Beyonce in Yellow Beach Dress, Pareo, Floral Wreath, Flower Crown, Jay Z.

Karlie Kloss

If you prefer a sporty look, combine chic rashguards with bathing pillows with an over-the-counter pattern.

Karlie Kloss on the beach with white cape, swimsuit in white and black, slippers with stripes

How do you best style your look when you travel to the Mediterranean on vacation? With a colorful midi skirt, which you wear over a monochrome swimsuit, combined with strappy sandals.

Beach fashion, Karlie Kloss, Mediterranean, colorful mid-length skirt, black espadrilles, black swimsuit

Gigi Hadid

If you want to wear long pants on the beach, it would be best if they are made of an airy fabric like cotton. Because of the high waist look Gigis pants look very nice. A tip for the little women: trousers with high waist, combined with a crop top, can visually increase your figure.

Beach fashion, Gigi Hadid with long pants with stripes and black cut top and straw hat, Sarah Jessica Parker

Some more tips

Beach fashion, summer 2017, black and white swimsuit, cardigan in beige, white hat, black flip-flops, cat glasses

The swimsuit singleton are very trendy this summer

pink swimsuit with white cross straps, brown velor sandals with buckles, brown leather bag with capsules

Beach fashion ladies, dress with green leaves print, Roman sandals in brown, velor bag for women

Beach fashion ladies, pink top, short jeans pants, sandals with crystals and tassels, swimsuit in salmon color

Beach fashion ladies, white tunic with tassels and a hood, swimsuit single piece, bag with white stripes

Women's beach fashion, summer 2017, black bag, black bikini, open toe shoes, printed top, bracelets

vintage swimsuit singlet, beach fashion ladies, swimsuit with print, round pink sunglasses, cosmetics

part 3

Rounded glasses

Beach outfits 2017, round-shaped sunglasses, cat-eye glasses, colored frame glasses

Flat shoes

Beach outfits, summer 2017, women's fashion, flat open leather shoes in silver color, black sole

2017 beach outfits, flat open shoes with thin black sole, incrusted shoes, summer shoes


Beach outfits, summer shoes in light color, strappy shoes in cream white, flat sole

Beach outfits, shoes with flat sole in brown color, black leather shoes with buckles

Women's beach outfits for summer 2017, rye sandals in green, velor sandals in green, flat sandals

Beach outfits with prints for summer 2017, long skirts with prints, tops with prints, tops with straps