If you have a house with a garden, and creative examples of one rustic garden bench look, keep looking! It is wonderful to sit in one of the seats after the strenuous gardening and relax. With a book or a fresh lemonade 🙂 The garden furniture brings a homely atmosphere to the garden and tempts us to spend more time outside. Especially in good weather they are very popular. With a garden table and a few chairs, you can design a real dining room outside and enjoy the food in the countryside. The winter spends the Garden bench made of wood spends mostly stored in one basement roomA comfortable one rustic garden bench You can also build with a bit of history yourself. We are just showing you our beautiful examples!

 Rustic garden bench, embellished with two owls.

owls bench-wood factory-by-the-garden-design

Rustic garden bench with simple construction


Pretty rustic garden bench to make your own!

simple garden bench-of-bole-by-the-garden

Unique rustic garden bench in nature

unusual garden bench-make-bole-yourself-

Original rustic garden bench with armrests made of log wood yourself!

wonderful-wood bench rustic-bank-of-the-garden

Garden furniture set made of wood with rustic benches and table

rustic garden furniture set-in-gras

Feel comfortable on this great rustic garden bench!


Interesting rustic garden bench with backrest in the shape of a sun.

creative rustic garden bench-of-baumstamm-

Garden bench-off tree trunk rustic-bank-build

beautiful garden bench-of-bole-rustic-gartenbank

comfortable-garden bench-mark-hunn-rustic wood

garden bench-own-build-from-wood-diy

garden garnish rustic-bank-and-table-of-wood-on-grass

holzwerk rustic-garden bench-with-ornaments-butterfly

rustiale-garden bench-from-wood

rustic garden bench-before-the-house

Make-comfortable-rustic-garden bench-yourself

of-wood-own-build beautiful rustic-garden furniture-

Build wooden garden bench yourself

Would you like to have a great rustic garden bench like this? 🙂