The snowdrop is a beautiful white flower, the first to pierce the snow in January. It has the botanical name Galanthus, whose origin is from the Greek: gala means "milk", and anthos - "flower". The name of the snowdrop in English reads "Snowdrop", Translated snow drop . These little flowers have become the symbol and sign of the coming spring and you will always be happy when you see the little white heads on the ground. Snowdrops are bells in nature!

Although spring has already arrived, we now want to show you some beautiful pictures of snowdrops. These flowers are very delicate and pretty. Enjoy your beauty with our wonderful photos below!

Bee and snowdrops!

snowdrops - bee-and-white-flowers-galanthus-nivalis-amaryllis-plants-snow-white-flower-plants

Snowdrop - a symbol of spring

Blum ostrich-in-white-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

Beautiful white snowdrops

Galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-pflanzen--

White symbol of spring

-galanthus-nivalis Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-plant-

Beauty in the snow 

tender-white-flowers-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

The spring comes!

--galanthus-nivalis Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

Snowdrops in the garden 

--- galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

White vase with white flowers

pretty-Floral Deco galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

Beauty in the garden 

snowdrop Galanthus-the-first-flower-of-year-snow-white-floral-in-garden

Floral deco in a glass 

plant Galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-- beautiful-deco

beautiful-decoration-of-snowdrop Galanthus-the-first-flowers-des-year-snow-white-flowers

many white-flowers-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

white-flowers-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

Galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-plant-

plant Galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-- -white-flowers

white-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

winter-spring-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

winter-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-planting

beautiful-deco-galanthus nivalis-Amaryllis-snow-white-flower-plant-in-white vase