Not only in winter, but also in summer, it is better for your pool if it is protected with a pool cover.

In today's world of globalization and global energy consumption, we should all do something together for ecology. Because we are responsible not only for environmental protection, but also for what we are handed over to the next generation. But if you are one of the people concerned about the future of our planet, you could really do something. It is easy to find many ideas on the Internet about how everyone can contribute to the protection of the environment. And one of the simplest measures that everyone can use to protect our climate and our environment is to use a pool cover.

Having a proper pool cover gives you the opportunity to save on the considerable cost of heating. Thanks to such an installation, not so much energy is lost - the water is heated by the sun and protected against cooling down at night. In this way, you could really not only save a lot of money, but also a lot of energy and help the whole environment.

Even as a pool owner, you can easily help nature by using a pool cover to save even more energy

pool cover-a-pool cover-the-pool-embellish with-

With the right cover system, your pool can not only be protected against heat loss, but also against dirt. Such a construction will protect your pool from dirt, such as annoying leaves, twigs, and small animals, which would normally be very easy to get into the pool when it is not covered. If you use a pool cover, you can also block algae growth. Because thanks to the cover system, the algae could not develop anymore, because no more light is incident in the poll. For this reason, the water purification is simplified. You will need less chemicals for your pool. And in this way you will certainly protect nature!

Thanks to the good insulation, the heat loss can be prevented

pool cover pool cover-has-its-pool-protection

In addition, the security afforded by the pool cover is one of the most important advantages of such a coverage system. Thanks to the pool cover, you can be sure that not only your children, but also your pets can be protected from drowning. With such a closed cover they could no longer accidentally fall into the pool. With a cover system there is practically no such danger!

With such a coverage system you have the chance to give your children a security

pool cover-with-a-pool cover-the-kids-save

You must know that the pool covers are available in all price ranges. Nevertheless, this system is very refundable. Because of the saved energy, the costs can be achieved after a few months. Of course, that depends on the quality of the cover. There are very different models - not only winter, but also summer covers. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best models and the pros and cons of each model, so you can make the right decision!

The solar tarpaulins can be a very good and cheap way for the summer. With this summer cover, really less dirt can fall into the water. And that is a very important advantage. Because in this way can also reduce the consumption of water care products. Even with such a solar film, the heat loss can be only 1-2 degrees. And your pool can heat up by about 3-6 degrees - but of course that depends not only on the performance of the solar panels, but also on the sunshine duration.

The right solar foil has to be 400 mμ thick - anything under 400 mμ is not good

pool cover-the-solar film-is-an-example-for-pool cover

If you want to opt for such a variant, you must know that polyethylene is one of the most important prerequisites for a good solar tarpaulin. Because it is chlorine water and UV resistant! And the material has to let the warming infrared light through, but still it has to be impermeable to air. Despite everything there are also some disadvantages. The solar panels can not be used in winter, because the frost destroys the functionality of the solar foil. In addition, such a cover system can not guarantee safety for your children and you can not leave your children unattended by the pool.

Cover for the summer  

pool cover-the-solar plane is-a-good-idea-for-pool cover

The solar foil has the task to store the heat of the water

pool cover-to-solar-plane is an idea-by-an-pool cover

Thanks to a solar tarp, the temperature of the water can also be increased 

pool cover-an-example-for-pool cover

This extends the bathing season

pool cover-a-recordable-for-a-pool cover

pool cover-pool cover and solar-folie

With a solar tarp the pool heats up very easily!

pool cover pool cover and solar-plane

pool cover-a-solar plane as a pool cover-use

The polyethylene is actually one of the most important prerequisites for the right solar tarpaulin!

pool cover-a-solar film-as-pool cover-use

Because the polyethylene is chlorine water and UV resistant!

pool cover-here-is-not-a-solar plane

The material must not only let through the warming infrared light, but also be impermeable to air

pool cover pool cover and solar-folie

Unfortunately, you can not use such solar tarpaulins in winter 

pool cover pool cover and solar-plane-by-their-pool

Because the frost would destroy the functionality of the solar film

pool cover solar-plane-in-black

However, such a cover system can not guarantee safety for your children

pool cover solar-folie-a-pool-cover use

And because of this, you can not leave your children unattended by the pool

pool cover solar-planning-and-other-pool covers

pool cover-different-solar plane as a pool cover-use

The lamella covers are also a good idea for the summer. You can open and close very easily and fully automatically. Such a slat cover can be integrated as underfloor or as an upper floor in your pool. The underfloor covers are integrated in the pool - in a backpack shaft on the broadside of the pool or in a "sitting / lying bench". The upholstery covers are integrated into the pool and are often built with wood. And in the two variants, the fins can float on the water surface. The slat covers could really be a good idea. But unfortunately only for the summer.

The floor coverings could be a good idea for the summer  pool cover-the-covers-lamellar are-a-idea-by-a-pool cover

Such a slat cover opens fully automatically 

pool cover-the-lamellar-a-pool cover

Indoor pool with slat cover 

pool cover-a-fancy-idea-for-pool cover-Laminate with

pool cover-swimming pool-with-pool cover

Thanks to the lamella cover, the algae have no chance to grow 

pool cover-an-idea-for-pool cover-Laminate with

Here is another good idea for pool cover with slats

pool cover-here-is-not-a-good-idea-for-pool cover-with-lamellar

pool cover-a-pool cover slats with--

A slat cover also reduces the need for cleaning agents

pool cover-lamellar-a-pool cover

build-lamellar-a-pool cover pool cover-

Here we present you a beautiful slat cover for your pool 

pool cover-yet-a-beautiful-laminate cover

Laminate with pool cover pool cover-

Such slatted pool covers can not be used in winter

pool cover-beautiful-pool cover-with-lamellar

The pool covers that we have already presented could only be used during the summer. But not only in the summer, but also over the winter months, your pool must be protected. Of course, your pool will be protected from UV radiation and pollution by such a winter cover. But you could also save a costly spring cleaning with a winter cover. And you are sure to give your pool a long life. For example, the safety nets could be a great way to protect your own pool. Such a safety net can easily be strained over the pool and protect the pool. In addition, it can be said that it is very stable. And it can guarantee your children a safety.

The winter tarp is another option for the winter. This is still a kind of winter cover that is very well suited for protruding pools. The material of such a cover is very light and for this reason you can usually cover the whole pool very easily.

The pool cover with safety net can be an optimal winter cover!

pool cover-here-is-not-a-blue-winter plan

A safety net can protect your children!

pool cover-a-safety net-for-the-children

Here are some suggestions for winter covers!

pool cover blue-winter plane-by-their-pool

pool cover-a blue-winter plane

Thanks to a winter cover, you could save yourself an elaborate spring cleaning

pool cover-green-winter plane-by-their-pool

pool cover-a-cover-for-pool-build

pool cover-a blue-pool cover

The green safety nets look very nice too! 

pool cover-a-green-safety net

pool cover-a-green-pool cover

With such a winter cover, you can give your pool a long life

pool cover-a-good-idea-of-blue-pool cover

pool cover-a-beautiful-winter plan

Great ideas for green safety nets 

pool cover-a-great-idea-for-green-pollabdeckung

The winter tarpaulin is a kind of winter cover, which is very well suited for protruding pools

pool cover-here-is-not-a-blue-pool cover

Here's another good idea for a blue winter cover 

pool cover-here-is-not-a-good-idea-of-a-blue-pool cover

pool cover-here-is-not-a-winter plan

The safety nets can provide safety for your children!

pool cover-a-winter plane-by-their-pool

pool cover-a-winter plane-by-their-pool-buy

Here are some winter plans that could be perfect for your pool!

pool cover-suggestion-for-beautiful-winter plan

pool cover-suggestion-for-green-winter plan

pool cover-winter plane for pool

There are many ideas for very different covers available on the internet!

pool cover-for-their-pool-a-blue-winter plane buy

pool cover-year-great-idea-for-pool cover

Pool with a winter cover

pool cover-green-pool cover-for-their-pool

pool cover-pool-with-a-winter plan

The winter covers are usually very stable

pool cover-yet-a-green-pool cover

pool cover-proposals-for-winter schedule

For this reason, safety is guaranteed for the little children

pool cover-winter plane and safety-for-the-children

pool cover-proposal-by-blue-winter plan

pool cover-yet-a-great-idea-of-blue-pool cover

Of course, your pool will be protected from UV radiation and pollution by such a winter cover

pool cover-yet-a-winter cover

The material of such a cover is very light and for this reason you can usually cover the whole pool very easily

pool cover-yet-a-winter plan

One more option for your pool

pool cover-great-idea-of-blue-pool cover

Suggestions for winter coverage

pool cover-proposals-for-winter cover

Here's a good suggestion for a cover for pool, which not only looks really nice, but could also beautify your garden!

pool cover-proposals-for-winter plan

pool cover-suggestion-for-winter plan

pool cover pool cover-for-their-pool